Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caviar nails...yum

So I normally love to demonstrate nail art or new idea from nails. But this one will have to sit out because I have a few weddings to go to and test driving Caviar nails isn't something my nails will have time for. I actually saw this on Pinterest go figure.  I watched the how to do this on refinery 29 and decided this one is a sit out for me. I love the effect but its completely unpractical because even after they had something do it live and she was a professional manicurist She had issues keeping the little beads on, which god help you if you have do something like go to the bathroom or wash your hands all the little bead would be gone.

But I do love it and wish it was more realistic and practical to do something like this. Though the Caviar look was created in London on thge runway I am not sure who runway created this little guy. But if it gets refined and the little bead are able to hold on a lot better. I would for sure give it a try, but for now I will leave with these lovely pictures how photographers and professional nail artist do it

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Its wedding season!!!

Why yes summer means so many things but as we get old or for me at least the last 2 summer have been wedding season!1 Whoo whoo here comes the bride. So its time to find some foxy wedding cocktail dresses and affordable is key because you will need a dress to the engagement party, the bridal shower, and the wedding it self. I actually missed 2 bridal shower and one engagement party mostly because of life happened and I moved and was trying to get adjusted. But regardless you will need cute dresses or outfits for these events, of course you need to have money left over to get that foxy bride a gift! I actually found great dresses at a place called Francesca's average price was 30-50$ also this store is a one stop shop, they have all the cute accessorize. I also if you have good friends that just got engaged I would strongly suggest keeping your eyes open for a dress you fall in love with because over this weekend I went dress shopping everyday and found nothing, yeah this way you wont find yourself with a wedding coming up and no dress and FYI get them a gift as soon as you find where they are registered for because after all those parties the registry  might be a little slim.  Also There is nothing wrong with wearing a little black dress or a little red dress. Also Wedding will pile in each other like this month I have four wedding to go to, 2 fall on the same day as well. Which because of that I wont be able to attend the fourth

Love Kitsune