Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting your fitness on and looking good doing it

Well its summer time! which means lot of things barbeque, pool parties, outdoor concerts, playing ultimate Frisbee or just drinking wine outside. Though this post is more so targeted towards the fashionable and outdoors enthusiast. Today there is a sample sale site for everyone and everything today, so of course there is a site for those whom love to look good while running a 5K. This site is my new favorite, I was able to buy my new snow board and snow boots from this site and getting a killer deal too. Which every snowboarder knows you buy your gear after the season has ended, why because why pay premium dollar for something that will be at least 30-50 percent off. This site is called The Clymb, its a sample sale site that has one cool factor that site like Hautelook do not have a time limit on items that are in your cart, they do not create an urgency to buy buy. which is something I really enjoy because I hate the feeling like I have to buy this NOW! OR ITS LOST FOREVER! which if you have every shopped on Hautelook before it happens I know when they had a sale for Vera Wang Lavender boots it was every man for them selves and you know people were watching the clock for that sale to start. Wouldn't you? Half Vera Wang Boot?? Yes you would don't lie.

This is a Burton snowboard, I also have a Burton board not this board but its pretty cool looking...I have also found amazing brands like Emu ( its Australian) Fig and Wahoo fitness. Emu is also my new favorite brand of clothing I love love their sandals and boots too, great leather and very comfortable. When an Emu pops up I have to take great restrain for ordering everything on the site or my husband prevents me from looking at it til the sale of over.

Love Kitsune

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well hello there Foxy!

Hi everyone!!!
I know its been a really really long time, I know I should have been posting my adventures that I went though this last year. I was living in Chicago for the year it was amazing I love my family and friends there so much. I did lots of fun things and not so much things. I ran in a 5K a hot chocolate 5k! Recently My husband and I moved to TX very recent we have only been here 2 weeks on Friday. So far its amazing! Lots and lots of great place to eat, not just Mexican, there is Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Polish and German lots of German bakeries which is awesome. Since I am back in the fashion saddle was knocked out of my running saddle and still I am off the horse. I was in a a really really bad car accident in March and I am still recovering ( the accident was not my fault) I am almost at the end of my recovery ( thank god). I'll be posting fashion and fashion news soon I just wanted to say HI! and Hello from Texas!

Love Foxy fashion