Saturday, October 26, 2013

New trend for Fall, Leather is no longer a one trick pony

Hello Everyone,
SO I have been doing my normal store runs and I looking and whats new a trendy for fall its Leather everything. Yes you have heard me right on this, which is nice because having the staple Leather coat or boots is not really fair for such a great fabric or even Faux Leather for the animal cruel free people or those whom just cant bring them self's to spend a crazy amount on one garment. ( which I do not blame them and agree with them) Anyway I was looking at dresses and I love the Little Black Dress but with Leather accent it really brings new life in this closet must for all of us. Also since we all know I am that girl that proudly wears leggings as pants there are Leather leggings...yes I am in love with them and NEED them asap. Just look at all these great styles and concepts with Leather and Faux Leather.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ripped up Jeans Day

Happy Saturday Loves!
So here in Texas its cooling off which to me feels like beautiful California weather in Northern Cali.Though the funny things with that is watching all these native Texans wear thick hard core winter clothes because they are not used to the cold, being from Chicago I find this very funny. Though I have decided my one pair of destroyed denim from my college day deserves to be worn I guess I am feeling old school as they say. I remember when I first stated dating my now husband and I was working in retail and that was all the rage, and his family though I was nut or something to always be showing up at their house looking like all my jean were a million years old or something. But who says you cant take something old and make it trending again?? not this bitch. I love trying to recreate the wheel which when you think of it that is all fashion really is who can recreate something new. So here we go and did I mention the jeans were...boot cut not skinny!     (dramatic music)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Statement necklaces!!! GO BOOM LOOK AT MY NECK

Hello loves!

So I am sure everyone has seen someone they know or themselves wearing the Bubble necklace. I do find my self resisting the urge to buy another one in another color...I dont know why we as women sometimes buy multiple colors of the same item unless it a basic that will go with everything thing there isnt really a huge need to do this. Though I have noticed there is a huge trend with BIG HUGE NECKLACES. I do love them I am trying to wait this trend out and see if it has staying power like skinny jeans or leggings ( yes I do wear leggings as pants)

Some great places I suggest if one is looking for some amazing statement necklaces are Francesca's..I know its a chain store but some how they have maintained that amazing boutique feel and style with fairly affordable prices, if you think their prices are way high just wait until they have a sale. I can promise they always have killer sales.

Here are some of my favorite Statement necklaces from Francesca's

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Target and Phillip Lim line....

Hello Everyone,
I am sure my die hard Target fans and fashion loves were out early on Sunday because that is when Target premiered their collaboration with Phillip Lim. I sadly didn't wake up in time for the stores to open because I like to sleep and I keep under estimate that people wait in line for these events at target. A good friend of mine she some how does it and can wake up early and wait in line. ( this isn't the first time shes done it too) I think part of me doesn't want to get up early on my days off and waiting in line it kind of reminds me of black Friday. Later in the morning I order a bag online so I will see how it looks when it gets here because my Target here in Texas sold out with in 30 minutes. Though there were plenty of clothes and the quality was pretty good nothing crazy but it wasn't too over priced for a higher end line. I was looking on ebay and just did a little search and people are selling the Target Phillip Lim bag for two hundred dollars!? WTF and people are crazy enough to pay for it. I am sorry these bags are not even leather!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hounds tooth in 2008 now its Chevron time!

Hello everyone,
So a few years ago the hot new pattern even though it really wasn't that new was the Hounds tooth pattern since it had been around for a very long time. I had things that were hounds tooth but nothing big like dresses or shirt. I know I have a pair of slacks that I wear in the office that are a hounds tooth pattern but I never went too nuts with it because its a really busy pattern to be fair. I love simple and less is really more in my book. Which is why I love the Chevron pattern, yes it can be really busy like a Hounds tooth as well but I went with 3 dress option that were less busy. ( yeah I kind of went nuts) Ever since my husband and I have moved to Texas I have been living in maxi dresses and just dresses in general because its hot as jack rabbit trying to find shade in the dessert here.

OH PS I know I blogged about Warby Parker glasses I got, and this places just gets better and better. SO of course my glasses got scratched and I went to the site to see if there is anything per chance that might be warranted. well guess what??? Their lens are guaranteed for a year!! yeah super cool, So I sent them an email so we shall see what happens. Ill keep you posted because in book customer services is huge for me because I have worked in the field for years and I am currently working in the field.
Have a good weekend loves

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Favorite Product Time!!

Happy Monday everyone!
or not really its Monday I know I had a hard time dragging my tail out of the bed this morning as I am sure you did as well. Well over the weekend I wanted to try something different less chemicals with my skin care product but a product that was able to remove my raccoon eye make up with out rubbing my eyes like a mad man. I bought these make up remover wipes called Simple, and they are very simple. No Dyes artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset skin and contain skin-loving ingredients and added vitamins for natural, healthy-looking skin. I am sure my doctor is going to love me, my skin it actually really strong like it can handle alot ( unless its the sun) I fucking hate getting a tan. I know I am one of the few people that hate getting a tan. ugh its just so bad for your skin its not even funny. Any way back to the point of the post, its amazing for your skin. Normally removing all my make up makes me need to still remove more make up the remover missed and wash oilly stuff off. With Simple I do not have problem or need to wash off.

Is buying something from Groupon or livingsocial really the best deal?

So I know everyone is still looking to save a buck here and there, and still look good while doing it. People don't realize that Groupon and other sites like living are fairly new, when I was in college I would have killed for these company to have existed because we were broke college students. Though now that they do exist are they really that great of a deal. While I have used both site Groupon and living for good and clothes that was on sale. It mostly depends on the vender not these site does one have better customer service then the other, yes.  Never had an issue yet with Groupon, while 2 venders on living social. com have been less that great experience sadly. I am dealing with one the living social. com bad vender now. I order a dress in the begging of July its a Chevon styled dress ( god know everyone needs something Chevon.) I am still waiting for it to come, and emailed the vender asking for shipping details and never got any, lucky Living social is super awesome, and got the information I need still waiting but at least I know whats going on.

Love Kitsune63

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Its a PIG!! a Guinea PIG

Hello Everyone!!!
I know its been a bit again but I sadly do not a good reason why I have not been blogging, or do I.
 I have to share why I have been extra busy lately and that is a pig named Oreo. I was at work and one of co worker who remind me so much of me when I was in college  working super hard to pay for school and all her other expenses which to anyone who has been to college know its hard. I know she was thinking of giving him up and I made the a very eager offer for him.So now we have a guinea pig and I love him so much. He is a sweetie, I had no idea that a guinea pig is like a super lazy dog that just love to cuddle and nap on your lap.

Ill try and keep up the blogging.
Love kitsune63

Friday, July 19, 2013

Time for New Glasses

Hello everyone!
Well its happening again my years spent in from of computer screen for hours and hours on end have messed up my eyes. I remember when I was a kid and I had to have glasses then, I simply just picked out a pair and I remember my mum making me put several pairs back because of the price, then the last time I had to buy glasses they were crazy expensive! Like over 400$ and they weren't even Dior or anything high end.

Well now I need glasses, and my insurance does not cover them. ( I actually have really good insurance just not the greatest vision insurance)  Though its not really a big deal any more thanks to Warby Parker.

I know what you are thinking, how can you order glasses online when you have a prescription for them ? Easy
First you pick 5 pairs you want to try on at home. The home try on gets to you with in 2 days!
 ( free shipping)

You pick one of the pair, order it and upload a picture of your prescription or have Warby Parker Contact your doctor and  your new glasses are on their way, Oh by the way its all free shipping and the glasses are only 95.00!! Yeah that is with the prescription too!!

Here is what I picked for my new glasses! Super easy fast and affordable as well, the whole process takes less then 2 weeks. You cant beat that for only 95.00 and free shipping!!!

Love Kitsune!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The brave Talia Castellano, rest in peace #taliaslegacy

Hello everyone,
I would not feel right if I did not post this but this beautiful brave and full of courage Talia passed away Tuesday. She fought long and hard though her battle for cancer and as a fellow blogger it would not be right to talk about her and talents the world will miss. At the young age of 13 she become a wonderful beauty blogger and proudly showed her bald head from her cancer treatment.  

She was able to meet Ellen DeGeneres and asked Castellano how she stayed positive in the face of cancer on her show in 2012, Castellano replied, “A little fishy told me, ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,’” referring to the catchphrase of the cartoon fish, Dory, whom DeGeneres voiced in the movie “Finding Nemo.”

 Please watch this wonderful video of her being passionate about beauty.
Rest in Peace You Beautiful Angle, You are an inspiration to all of us.
Love Kitsune

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashion and coffee ( or fancy drinks)

Hello my loves,
I know I normally do not post about food what so ever on this blog but, I am making an exception because we all know I am a huge Pinterest nut...who isn't? With it being full swing summer and for some reason or another in the summer I crave like no bodies business green tea frappe. Though with Starbucks posting (thank you god) how many calories and bad stuff is really in their drinks was making me rethink buying them as often as I did. SO I was searching fashion nerds Google I mean Pinterest for a healthy receipt and of course I was able to find it.

                           ( and yes on the other side of the cup is a picture of a cat, meow bitch)

1 Tsp of Matcha powder
2 Tsp of sugar
1 cup of vanilla soy milk ( I like soy milk and it cuts down on sugar and bad stuff too)

If you do not like soy milk
1 healthy dash of vanilla syrup
1 cup of milk
1 cup of ice

Blend well and enjoy!!!

I guess Starbucks likes to use the syrup and heavy cream plus milk but making it with out is still sweet, ask my husband he knows I like it sweet. But that it taste the same!!! Cheap and Healthy you cant loose! which this will help me save up for my next pair of Vera Wang Lavender boots....

Love Kitsune

Friday, July 5, 2013

why do people wear their gym clothes like normal clothes??

I know gym clothes have become more fashionable and trendy versus back in the gym ugly baggy sweat pants, but why wear them in public?? Today I was at the mall buying more running shorts and I could not help but notice this women walking around with matching running shoes, shorts and shirt. You know when you see someone in public that did just come from the gym ( if you are someone that works out and does have  to be seen in your work out gear you can tell when someone has really been to the gym or not) Hate to break it to people out there that think we don't know....we DO!! I hate to say it I really really hate it when people just walk around in gym stuff even if it is clear they do not work out. I know some people say Oh its comfy....NO its not!!! I know there are some really cool and chic looking stuff out there like Athlete or  lululemon. which mother of god is lululemon is expensive!! I was in San Francisco shopping with the hubby and I fell in love with everything in the store but with tops costing $88.00. which is messed up considering its made for you to sweat in it???

Okay end rant but its true...just think about it
Love Kitsune63

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Product testing time!

Good afternoon everyone!
Its Summer time and as anyone else my skin drys out fast with the heat and in the cold months, but I live in leggings which putting on a slow drying lotion is not ideal for getting in the morning or at night when you are trying not to freeze to death with out pants in the winter.  So when this little product hit the shelves I was interested, its Spray and god moisturizer would be perfect and since living in a hot climate now where pants are not an option in the summer. Right perfect match made in heaven right?? NO!

I will note this product might be perfect for you if you do not have dry skin, but if you do this is a no go.
I was putting this one twice a day morning after shower and night before bed and I would still have dry skin.  I will say it does adsorb fast but my skin will be dry an hour later so the idea is great and I know maybe right now they cant get he formal right for dry skin and to dry quickly. Needless to say I have gone though the bottle of it super fast in attempt to be fair and give product a good chance. Which makes me a bit crabby to buy something and it does work for me and then to pay for more it and its empty instead of just sticking with good old fashion moisturizer.

For those still willing to give it a try this it what it looks like when you spray it on your body, and it doesn't run so its no super watery, so it really is a good first attempt at making a product like this.

Have a good day everyone and GO HAWKS!! Yes the Chicago native in my has to say good job to the Hawks for winning the Stanley cup!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting your fitness on and looking good doing it

Well its summer time! which means lot of things barbeque, pool parties, outdoor concerts, playing ultimate Frisbee or just drinking wine outside. Though this post is more so targeted towards the fashionable and outdoors enthusiast. Today there is a sample sale site for everyone and everything today, so of course there is a site for those whom love to look good while running a 5K. This site is my new favorite, I was able to buy my new snow board and snow boots from this site and getting a killer deal too. Which every snowboarder knows you buy your gear after the season has ended, why because why pay premium dollar for something that will be at least 30-50 percent off. This site is called The Clymb, its a sample sale site that has one cool factor that site like Hautelook do not have a time limit on items that are in your cart, they do not create an urgency to buy buy. which is something I really enjoy because I hate the feeling like I have to buy this NOW! OR ITS LOST FOREVER! which if you have every shopped on Hautelook before it happens I know when they had a sale for Vera Wang Lavender boots it was every man for them selves and you know people were watching the clock for that sale to start. Wouldn't you? Half Vera Wang Boot?? Yes you would don't lie.

This is a Burton snowboard, I also have a Burton board not this board but its pretty cool looking...I have also found amazing brands like Emu ( its Australian) Fig and Wahoo fitness. Emu is also my new favorite brand of clothing I love love their sandals and boots too, great leather and very comfortable. When an Emu pops up I have to take great restrain for ordering everything on the site or my husband prevents me from looking at it til the sale of over.

Love Kitsune

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well hello there Foxy!

Hi everyone!!!
I know its been a really really long time, I know I should have been posting my adventures that I went though this last year. I was living in Chicago for the year it was amazing I love my family and friends there so much. I did lots of fun things and not so much things. I ran in a 5K a hot chocolate 5k! Recently My husband and I moved to TX very recent we have only been here 2 weeks on Friday. So far its amazing! Lots and lots of great place to eat, not just Mexican, there is Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Polish and German lots of German bakeries which is awesome. Since I am back in the fashion saddle was knocked out of my running saddle and still I am off the horse. I was in a a really really bad car accident in March and I am still recovering ( the accident was not my fault) I am almost at the end of my recovery ( thank god). I'll be posting fashion and fashion news soon I just wanted to say HI! and Hello from Texas!

Love Foxy fashion