Friday, March 21, 2014

Best Gel Nail Polish Ever

Long gone are the nightmare days of getting a manicure and then hours later it chips, I know I hated it. I hate more is the acrylic nails as well because they are so bad for ones nails I just could never do it. I am that girl that once it chips a little bit I have to redo the whole nail. Its actually one of my pet peeves. So when Gel Manicure hits the nail spa I was first in line and in heaven but they are a monster pain to take off. Though they do last, as well and make time to get ones nails done. I know lots of the companies are filling the shelves with all sorts of Gel Manicure Kits and polishes. With lots of testing I think I have found my favorite and best in my opinion. I found it in the wonderful world of Sephora, and a woman that was working there was more then happy to answer all of my crazy banana questions. How long will it last? How hard it is to remove? Have you used it before? How many coats ? Do I need to buy a kit or more polish to make it stronger?

The nail I am in love with is called, Nail Inc Gel Effect Polish. 

I also love this color! The answer the important questions, it will last 2 weeks tops. It can be removed with normal nail polish remover and very easily I might add. The woman at Sephora also wears this brand and loves it too. I used 2 coats nothing crazy and one does not need to buy more then one polish to get the gel effect. Though the only catch about this Polish is it the most expensive nail polish I have bought in my life, though way cheaper then paying for a Gel Manicure. Its $15.00 a bottle but I have to say its worth every penny.

Love Kitsune