Saturday, October 26, 2013

New trend for Fall, Leather is no longer a one trick pony

Hello Everyone,
SO I have been doing my normal store runs and I looking and whats new a trendy for fall its Leather everything. Yes you have heard me right on this, which is nice because having the staple Leather coat or boots is not really fair for such a great fabric or even Faux Leather for the animal cruel free people or those whom just cant bring them self's to spend a crazy amount on one garment. ( which I do not blame them and agree with them) Anyway I was looking at dresses and I love the Little Black Dress but with Leather accent it really brings new life in this closet must for all of us. Also since we all know I am that girl that proudly wears leggings as pants there are Leather leggings...yes I am in love with them and NEED them asap. Just look at all these great styles and concepts with Leather and Faux Leather.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ripped up Jeans Day

Happy Saturday Loves!
So here in Texas its cooling off which to me feels like beautiful California weather in Northern Cali.Though the funny things with that is watching all these native Texans wear thick hard core winter clothes because they are not used to the cold, being from Chicago I find this very funny. Though I have decided my one pair of destroyed denim from my college day deserves to be worn I guess I am feeling old school as they say. I remember when I first stated dating my now husband and I was working in retail and that was all the rage, and his family though I was nut or something to always be showing up at their house looking like all my jean were a million years old or something. But who says you cant take something old and make it trending again?? not this bitch. I love trying to recreate the wheel which when you think of it that is all fashion really is who can recreate something new. So here we go and did I mention the jeans were...boot cut not skinny!     (dramatic music)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Statement necklaces!!! GO BOOM LOOK AT MY NECK

Hello loves!

So I am sure everyone has seen someone they know or themselves wearing the Bubble necklace. I do find my self resisting the urge to buy another one in another color...I dont know why we as women sometimes buy multiple colors of the same item unless it a basic that will go with everything thing there isnt really a huge need to do this. Though I have noticed there is a huge trend with BIG HUGE NECKLACES. I do love them I am trying to wait this trend out and see if it has staying power like skinny jeans or leggings ( yes I do wear leggings as pants)

Some great places I suggest if one is looking for some amazing statement necklaces are Francesca's..I know its a chain store but some how they have maintained that amazing boutique feel and style with fairly affordable prices, if you think their prices are way high just wait until they have a sale. I can promise they always have killer sales.

Here are some of my favorite Statement necklaces from Francesca's