Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rachel Zoe and my lips are making sweet sweet kisses

My dear sweet Rachel Zoe has a new line out and its LIPSTICK! The line is called Exude it is a nine shape line, which is new to hear She is not going nuts trying to create a shape of every shape or tint in the color wheel. (thank god)

But the brilliance to the design or brilliance to Rachel Zoe is the design which is a clear, crystal applicator bullet shakes things up by releasing a single-dot serving of elastic gel color with just a twist of the tube. Just enough color and no over kill of wasting precious lip stick. Though the main point of this design is to ensures that your lipstick won’t wear down into some strange, shapeless mound, and that the surface will stay crisp.SWEET because those of us that tend to wear a lip stick every day this is a huge probably. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

one of my Hero is making a Kids line at Target!!

One of the best things I heard this morning when reading the my normal fashion news....Gwen Stefani is creating a line for kids at one of my favorite place on earth TARGET!

There are prices ($3.99 to $29.99) but no pictures of the collection yet, which will hit stores in November. I know Sad face about no pictures yet because I have 2 good friends that are having little girls soon!!  So good job Gwen!
Cant wait to see HaraJuku Mini!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry for the MIA fox gossip...

Hello everyone sorry if I have been a little MIA this week with post and gossip its been very busy for me in my life. Though its been all good busy, cant lie about that but lets talk about whats new in fashion? heard me I said E-bay, if you have not been invited to their kick bunny tail fashion vault sales you are missing out. Because there are so many sample sale website and some of them are really good like I have to look at the website daily and see whats going down.  I have to be honest Ebay fashion vaults sales are a big threat. You are NOT bidding on used high end fashion from amazing fashion house like Romeo and Couture, BCBG, Calvin Klein, 7 for all mankind jeans and Gucci.  Everything is NEW and you buy it like you were ordering from a normal website. Why is it better then some sample sales website here is the reasons.

* Free shipping no matter what
* longer sales then 2 days ( some are but most are 5 to 7)
* more product- some sample sales website buy right from the buyer or warehouse so if you order the wrong size you out of luck to get right size for same amazing price. I learned that one the hard way when I order jean from Hautelook. ( still love them)

But good work Ebay! good job on way to re-invent your self
Love Kistune63

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July,,,,,maxi dress anyone?

Sorry its been a bit since I posted something here but I have been a bit busy lately but since its a holiday I have to find the time. Between all the BBQ and Fireworks to show off some amazing fashion. Since it is a holiday weekend the retail stores are going nuts with mega sales, which I have been going nuts at...bad fox. Oh well lots of stores of having 50 percent off sales like Gap and Banana republic as well as Sak 5th Ave of Nordstom...

And speaking of Sak 5th Ave will be wearing one of my favorite Maxi dresses in the whole wide world. Since this summer looks to be mega hot I have been going a little over board with dresses and more dresses. 
Well hope every one has a great 4th of July and be sure to thank a solider for all they have done. dispite all the fashion and fun this weekend dont forget them....

Enjoy Kitsune63