Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off with her Head!

Yesterday I was watching the movie with Kristen Dunst as Marie Antoinette. Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, which gives the movie a vintage and indie feel to it. I wont lie to you, there isn't much in the way of plot but the costume design is deadly, they gave it their best in recreating the french style during Marie Antoinette day before she lost her head. This did win an academy award for best costume in 2006, which if you see the movie you will understand. The bright color concept, little modern twist in the costume are cute and hidden. Once again because this is more a fashion movie, with little plot. I strongly suggest that you watch this a group of girls, no straight men would be happy to watch this movie.

Enjoy on this lovely thursday, Its a perfect watch on a gloomy wants to be spring day.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Gossip!

Due to some events that took place over the weekend, two of my great friends got engaged over the weekend. So in honor of them I am going to blog about weddings!! Yeah! I am so happy for them it got me thinking of weddings! I can say planning my wedding was the happiest time of my life and part of it were super stressful, though having amazing in laws help with stress and planning was a life saver and they were such a big help in planning, also great for ideas and be creative.

I am also that girl that cry at all weddings as well, cause I love being married and how much happiness it brings me.. Since there is so much in tail about weddings, I think I am just going to give advice about planning and prep. What my husband and I did was we got married on a beach in Ca and then a year later we had our wedding reception in our home with all of our friends and family. This was great for us cause it was cheap for us to get married in Ca and we had a whole year to save up for the reception. which was nice for our friends because we knew it was super unreasonable to have everyone fly out to Ca for the wedding. I had the drama of family wanting us to invite people we normally wouldn't care to invite, people wanting to bud in our planning, bad weather, along with worrying about family not getting along with the new in laws as well. 

So take your time planning this magical day, and its your day no one else. tell people this is your day and your are invited people you want to share it with, and people whom are a bit too willing to help can even cause you stress as well. So try and be polite letting them down but pick one family member whom wont let you down or stress you out along with that great friends that wont do the same.

I will leave you with amazing wedding dresses from Vera Wang, but before I do. I have one more thing to say. To my lovely ladies whom got engaged over this weekend. I love you both and could not be happier for you both. I hope nothing but the best for you the both you and your the men that proposed to you. I know they will treat you like the queens you are. I know this is a magical time for you both.

 Love Kitsune63!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

what does spring mean?

Really what does spring mean, in terms of fashion? For the most part it means something fresh, new almost a mini Renaissance of fashion, but we do it every year. I know I covered several spring fashion show during new york fashion week. ( wish I could have been there in person) For me spring mean breaking out new styles, new trends. God know I am not ready for skinny jean to leave us, or leggings yet. I would be lost with out leggings I love them so. Though it makes sense to have new amazing ideas in spring, we are shaking off the winter coat, and most of the dark colors.  Which I know I am going to be shopping for some nice bright colors today, or some light spring patterns. Its hard for me to shake my dark colors off because I have always worn dark blue, gray and black. Well here we do with some bright colored spring inspired garments today. I will post my successes tomorrow if I am successful.

In honor of spring fashion here is some Missoni

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New idea for what to wear to a wedding, and not in rage the bride.

Spring and summer are the wedding season times, even I got married in the summer and most people I know got married in the summer. So you might want to get some in case wedding attending dresses. And the new trend of dresses to wear to a wedding Yes Black dresses to a wedding, I know, I know if its an out door wedding this could get hot. You for sure will not up stage the bride which is super important. Also its a dress I am sure you will be able to wear again and again, not some of those dresses we wear to weddings and we never wear again. A black dress is easy to dress up and dress down with heels or flats, helping keep a black dress alive in your closet til its time to let it rise again.
I know for some of you the idea of wearing a black dress to a wedding is unheard of, but I am from Chicago and black means chic and classy to us. So give it a try, rules are made to be broken as they say.
Love Kitsune63

Friday, March 18, 2011

Movie review of Red Riding Hood....

To be Honest, its has a very Twilight feel to it, probably why I liked it. Ha ha. Also Catherine Hardwicke directed this movie hence the Twilight feel to it because she directed the first Twilight Though really I would not recommend bring ones Boyfriend, Husband or any straight male to see this movie. I saw it with one of my girlfirends and we both enjoyed it because it has romance, the plot has twist and turns that you think you can see coming but you don't until the end. I know I didnt but I was very distracted by the two male lead actors the Characters Peter ( Shiloh Fernandez) and Henry ( Max Irons) are very distracting when it comes to keeping up with the plot. Gary Oldman also plays a villein / want to be hero well. Since this is a fashion blog, I guess I should discuss the costume design. For those of us whom has read Grims Fairy tale of Red riding hood we know the symbolize of the red cape. Which comes in to play in the film when the Valerie ( Amanda SeyFried), also some of the cast has more modern styled garments while other cast member has more time period garments. Mostly the two hot male actors are wearing modern styled shirts and pants. Though the Women and including the main character are wearing corsets, floor length dresses that follow the time period. I believe they wanted to modernize the characters Peter and Henry to make them more appealing to the ladies in the audience. 

But I enjoyed it, but I also enjoy movies that are not Twilight one of my favorite movies this year was Black Swan, don't want you guys to think I only watch girly movies but once in a while I like a good girly movie

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion week in Japan has been canceled...

Not going to lie I am not surprised in this in the least that fashion week in Japan has been canceled, Fashion week is something that a city love, its really a week long event of amazing parties, and painting the town red. Last time a major city fashion week was canceled in was in New York 2001, which was in the month of September. This is clearly not the time for people whom where not affected by the Earth Quake, to have fashion week. Even if they were to donate fund to help out those whom were misplaces and devastated by the earth quake, its still not a good enough reason. All Major designers in Japan we love you and hope you are safe and so are your family and friends.

Here are some picture from older Japan fashion week, enjoy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun stuff on Tuesday!

I know the world is not in a good place with all the sadness from Japan, I wanted to try and lighten the mood. I have new of H&M selling Jewish Prayer Shawls! Mazel tov!! I know I love it even though I am not Jewish I think its super cool. I know its in preparation of Passover.

There is a shot of the Jewish Prayer shawls at this H&M on East 86th Street and Lexington Avenue. Good news: It's on sale!  If its a fashion trend I am all for it! Because I love scarfs and shawls so much because they are simply amazing accessory.  I know there are lots of scarfs coming out of the middle east, solders are whom where deployed are bringing them home for their families, as a little memento.  No political here about this, I just think its cool scarf and they are huge so there are so many way to tie and shape them.

Here are some pictures of amazing Pass over shawls, and eastern scarfs.
Love kitsune 63

Monday, March 14, 2011

Help Japan!

If anyone has seen the news about what is going on in Japan will leaving you completely heartbroken and of course they are still suffering from aftershocks, along with the worry of a nuclear meltdown of several of their power plants. SO Help them out! I have always had deep love for Japan though I have never been its a place close to my heart because of its culture, food and fashion. I love Japaneses fashion so much.
I know many of you are probably txting donation to Japan but the gossip of txting donation is that is will take about 90 days to get to Japan to help them. Your donation will get to Japan much faster then via txting. 

One of my hero's Lady GAGA was the first to create an item to buy to help and create a wariness to help Japan. So please hep, I know this wrist band only cost $5.00 but its $5.00 that is going to help parents and children whom lost their homes or lost families members. So please help Japan, I know I am going to I hope you do too.

Love Kitsune63, god speed Japan we love you so much!
PS THANK YOU  MARINES! whom are stationed in Japan, thank you so much for being part of the relief effort

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot Gossip..Kate Middleton marry in McQueen?

The house of Alexander McQueen is not saying Yes or No to reports that it has been approached to make Kate's wedding dress  but if McQueen were the chosen brand, it's unlikely the house would be permitted to confirm it to the press.  Like the Harry Potter wedding dress look alike from McQueen collection. I  am sure this if its a McQueen Dress it will be amazing and super chic, Kate does have to compete with Lady Diana a history of grace and style.

Enjoy the wedding dress from The late and great Alexander McQueen...we still miss u

Monday, March 7, 2011

TOM FORD.....for WOMEN and H&M

Yes it happening...Ladies get ready the amazing Tom Ford is taking us on! Along with creating a line at H&M! this literally made my day. Tom Ford for H&M collection will be cheaper versions of his upcoming women's line (pictured at the bottom of this article). Not a chance. Who is going to spend up to $40,000 on a dress that everyone else has picked up for $200 at H&M. Not me...But the style and chic look of Toms eye for detail is coming over to our side. Tom has resisted doing a women line for some time which is understandable wanting to stay true to men wear. So here is a taste of the women line, sorry I wasn't able to get pictures of the H&M line but I will be there in the store murdering my Amex for that one.

Enjoy the Tom Ford love,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thrift store are no longer a dirty word...

Its true, and with the price of cotton going up alot of fashion foxes might be turning the way of thrift stores. Which if you love vintage clothing, thrift stores will be your best friend, it will also save you some hard core cash. There are lots of high end thrift stores in the world these day not just good will, and I have heard lots of good things about good will. I have for sure donated my clothes to good will and other thrift stores as well and buying from them. Also with the recession going on, and if you are not suffering from it. I am sure you are at least thinking of cutting back or trying new ways to save money. So if your looking to save money, or you love Vintage cloths I would give it a look. Also give your self a pat on the back because its a very green thing to do.

A really good one is for sure, Plato's Closet....

Enjoy Kitsune63

Friday, March 4, 2011

Blake Lively might not attend chanel show...for a good reason

For those of you whom do not know who Blake Lively is, well she plays Serena from Gossip Girl. Whom has amazing fashion sense and in real life this actress has amazing fashion sense as well. She has always been pictured looking chic and trendy. Blake has stated she is not going to attend the Chanel Fall 11 fashion because "tacky for a celebrity to attend the show." Instead, Blake  plans to throw a dinner party for press to get to know the face of Chanel's new Mademoiselle bag line. Let me say THANK YOU! I know many of us Fashion lovers do get very tired of Celebrity attending fashion just cause its the cool thing to do. When they don't really love it as much as some of us. They just are able to buy the handbag and Haute Couture garments that we cant afford.  For example Kelly Osborn is on the show Fashion Police, let me just say that is such a joke. Really?! Has she gone to school and studied fashion design, or created a design label, No. Personally Kelly Osborn is just riding her fame on her name.  Blake Lively I love you more now that you want to have people whom truly love fashion a chance to see Chanel Magic.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Move over book club of the month, Shoe of the month

Yeah, there is such a thing my shoe addicts out there. Its called Shoe Dazzle, what you do is create a profile, answer a few question about what you like in shoes, heel size, shoe size and every month they have a show room with 5 shoes and if you don't like the 5 shoes you can request 5 different shoes.  It gets better, Shipping is FREE and return shipping is also FREE! Love it! Oh wait it gets better, can you handle how much better it gets. The shoes are only 39.99 with free shipping, great deal on shoes.

You know if you want to sign up...if you would like to give me your address and be invited by me because I am a member you will get 20% off your first order....just saying the deal got a bit sweeter

Enjoy the shoes love

                                        Yes, Kim Kardashian is the brain child of this company

                                Your shoe's will come in a box and with their own show bag for travel
                                            Just a few of the shoe's you can look forward too