Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Live Princess Kate!

Well I was not up at the crack of down but I was watching the reruns of the Royal wedding on BBC. I can honestly say I love Kate's dress it was simply chic and clean in design, I believe she probably choose and simple dress because she wants it to remain timeless god knows we have seen at time has gone on Lady Diane dress become more and more dated with time. And we all know we are going to being seeing her dress alot in the next few days and years.
and Speaking of Kate's dress here are some pictures of the lovely bride.
Good luck and god speed to the newly wed couple! 
Love Kitsune 63

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New designer who stole my heart.

Sorry its been a bit since I posted a new blog, but here is a new designer that has stolen my heart. Like they say about the way to a man heart is though his stomach, well the way to my heart is though amazing tights! So I am in Love with Bora Aksu! Though he is not a that new kid on the block he has been designing since 2002, but his spring collection 2011 stole my heart. Its filled with dark romance, and lace and more lace. If you see me running to Anthropologie store that is because he has been working with them to create a collaboration!

Well enjoy the lovely spring collection...which has stolen my heart.
Love Kitsune63

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I knew I didnt like coach for many reason and the desginer just gave me another reason

Like many of us fashion lovers, most of us yes included me have a coach bag, It actually was my first real handbag I purchased. But After studying fashion and learning about other loves, Like Chanel, Dior and Marc Jacob, also whom cant forget Louis Vuitton. I began to become more annoyed by coach and its logo vomit that they tend to put on all their bags and everything they make instead of focusing of the design and the quality of leather they are using.  Because I love these design houses so much I begin to learn about the designers so understand where this amazing designs come from. This morning I began to read my Jezebel ( its like my new york times) There was an article about Coach Head designer, Reed Krakoff and after reading two paragraphs I began to see red. This over privileged spoiled brat, keeps restating in his interview that he does not like fashion, he likes design but not fashion.....what?!  I also found it interesting that the founder of Coach doesnt even like the work Krakoff has been doing with his company.The founder of Coach, Miles Kahn, will have something nice to say about Krakoff, right? "'Frankly, I go into one of the stores now and I don't see one bag that I like"
Maybe the Label needs a new head designer that actually loves fashion not design only, and really plastering your label on everything isn't design news flash Reed Krakoff. My Coach wrist let which was my going out staple when I was in college is now my glorified tampon holder. Also FYI Coach you also need to step your customer service up, I walked in with my Lovely Marc Jacobs bag getting dirty looks like and getting talked down like I could not afford these bags, when my Marc cost twice as much as this over done tacky bag.

End of Angry rant about a so so company that clearly doesn't love Fashion.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Look out LA...SF is on your tail.

 That's right L.A, San Francisco is hot on your heels when it comes to fashion and now Refiinery29 is creating an San Francisco news letter. Which the Refinery29 always has the best trends, great places to eat, sleep and play. I know I will be following this news letter because I love to take trips to San Francisco, I have been following Chicago since it has been born. Which has been nothing but amazing because I have learned of new secrets of my city.  Enjoy everyone!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy birthday Marc Jacobs!!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite designs in the whole wide world!!! I love this busy man, he not only has his own line but he is also the creative director of Louis Vuitton.Well happy birthday you amazing man, I love your hand bags so much and I am looking to add one from Louis Vuitton! I hope you have an amazing birthday with your husband!

Here are some lovely pictures of Marc great works and here is a pictures of his husband! Such a cute couple together!!
Love Kitsune63!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring and they mix

I feel like we are always going back and forth between gold and silver. I know I was on a big Silver kick my husband and I got married so my wedding band is made of white gold, which makes it kind of look like its silver or platinum. I do feel that gold is fitting for spring because there is more sun light in the day, we are going on vacation to warm lovely places.  though this spring it seems that gold is not just in the jewelery we wear but our clothes. Gold caged sandals, or gold blazers which is not easy to pull off. Though I do enjoy putting a little gold eye shadow above my eye lid.
Well shine on with gold this friday.
Love Kitsune 63

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

copy cat....but do we like this copy cat?

We all know copying someones design and style is normally a fashion no no, well we all know how much I love Target. Is it still a big no no if Target copied the PS1 bag which normally cost $1,995 and Target's Mossimo is selling the look alike for $34.99?

" Though the two bags aren't exactly the same, Hernandez says Target got the "attitude," "the weight," and "the slouch of the bag...really right.”

I know I never liked being copied even though some say its being followed and copied is very flatter.
What do you guys things of target and PS1 bag?
Love Kitsune 63

                                                          Top PS1 bag and bottom is Target look a like

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue and white, its been here a bit and its not going away

Its true ladies and gentlemen, the nautical style of blue and white has been here for the last few summers. I actually love it, so I am not complain that its here again for summer. Though this year they designers and stylist are trying to put a new twist on this style. Instead of simple Blue and white color blocking in dresses or pairing a blue top with white pair of pants they are creating patterns of blue and white. 

Here are some pictures of this look....
enjoy Kitsune63,
Hope everyone has an amazing friday

                                             got to love the sailor hats!