Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brad Goreski and Kate Spade are making lovely fashion together!!!

This isnt too hot off the press but its still exciting new...well for me it is because Rachel Zoe is my fashion goddess..Love her!!!  Well for those whom do not know, Brad Goreski was Rachel Zoe stylist and he participated on her show The Rachel Zoe Project. Brad and Rachel parted way amicably and Rachel has given her full support to Brad for spreading his wings and flying out of LA and to New York to style with Kate Spade.
Brad will being styling for Kate Spade fall 2011 just in time for fashion madness to being.

"I am thrilled that Brad is working with me," Kate Spade president and creative director Deborah Lloyd says. "We both love to see people have fun with fashion ( E news)
Well good luck Brad, I will miss watching you be amazing with Zoe!! 

working and more it

So I work at a retail store, and I actually love it. Its not a little kid store its a professional atmospheric, we wear all black. We have to meet a certain amount of sales each day we work and yes some time we meet them and some days we blow it out of the water or we don't catch any fish so to speak. I am just starting out and my sales are so so, when I am working I have the concept that I will not sell someone something I do not love. I also ask them how they feel and are you in love with the item? It also fun to have great co-workers and managers, they all love fashion just as much as me. Which makes a slow day go super fast, cause we all talk about fashion until someone walks in the store. Customer Service is our key in the store and makes sense, we call customers are called clients. We have had clients say wow we have never been treated this good at store ( our store is not cheap to shop in for the area) so I am not going to lie if I was shopping there a little extra help and customer service would be great.  Which brings me to something, most of my friends we all working in retail at some point or another in college, high school or even now since we are in a recession. I believe working in retail will give you some great perspective on customers service and have respect the people working there. I had a friend that never worked in retail and she was always super rude in the store, talking down the employee because she had the attitude that they were stupid and couldn't get another job and uneducated. She was the typical shopper that trashed the store when she was shopping, if you worked in retail you will understand that. It made all of us girls very mad. Also having the attitude that whole sale prices for clothes are a joke. for those of us that know why clothes cost so much its cause the quality of fabric, how its made, and to pay the bills of the company and employee. Which I think were we get super bad customer in a store, and I totally understand if someone is shopping and they are totally crabby. But look at it as a business deal, be respective and have some fun with it.
But I am going to end this post with some one I love so much...her name is Mika and she is my baby..also ends a not so fun blog with something cute
Love Kitsune63

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embrace the pain...

That is what my husband says when we are at the gym together, and I usually do Yoga twice a week and run at least 2 miles every other day. And my Yoga class is leaving me very sore...which is causing me to think of active wear. I am one of those ladies that goes to the gym to do some work, not to look cute. So there is no make up no cute hair its all pulled back looking ready to get my fitness on. I also do not wear cute gym clothes I know, I know I should at least wear good wears for yoga. I have decent  running shoes ( thank god for my Nike frezze feels like wearing nothing at all) Since I am training to do a 5k with my husband I am thinking since I am doing this for a good cause I should look good doing it. Here is what I have found for good looks for the gym fitness!

( also People who wear Juicy Couture 2 piece jumps suit are sick in the head..I said it)
I am actually a huge fan of this company for yoga gear, Gaiam its very comfortable but its made for yoga, so it moves with you as you stay in your posses. Also this company is know for being green and organic.

  I want, want these yoga socks by Gaiam my yoga teachers has them and they are amazing, they keep you from moving which can be a big help with doing balancing on one joke.

Happy fitness guys,


Friday, January 28, 2011

Middle school memories....

Well I fondly remember doing my nails all the time when I was in middle school, it was like I discovered nail polish. I found this nail polish called Crackle, which was amazing....

Now O.P.I had created or brought back this concept called shatter, it was also endorsed by Katy Perry. Which I am in love with, I cant wait to start doing my nail all the time like a little girl in middle school again. Aslo who doesnt love getting their nails did ( yes, I said DID)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Models Popping Bottles…..

So here is some new that is worth of popping a bottle. So this morning H&M have announced that they are going to including the USA on their web site for online shopping! Which is amazing because I love me some H&M. I loved going to H&M when I lived in Chicago and now that I do not live close to an H&M I can now order their amazing clothes. Also this means their contract and limited edition collections like Lanvin or their breath taking line with Jimmy Choo. Sigh…this is another great start to the New Year!!
Kitsune 63

Starting out...

Hello everyone,
Well you know what they say, New Year New you. So I am starting out my own fashion blog and following my dreams of fashion. I am here to talk about Fashion, models, and new trends. Or what is hot in the news of fashion, since this world is so big and there are so many of us fashion blogger out there. Wish me luck everyone!!