Friday, June 24, 2011

Versace is going to have a line at H&M

Yeah I read that this morning and nearly had a heart attack....I know I am going to do whatever it takes to my paws on this line which is said to be released November 17th...hell with black friday that is going to my black Friday.  So mark your calendar ladies and gentlemen. The line is said to represent the Italian heritage of Versace I'm excited! happy friday my loves!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

getting nails myself

So I was bored waiting in the car, and I knew It would be at least 15mins before what I was waiting for would come over to my car. So I had just bought Nicole by OPI nail pen. It really looks like a pen and the cap twist off I was able to keep it safe in my make up bag with out worrying that it would open up and destroy all my make up. And 15 minutes later I had bright red nails and no mess in my car of purse or make up bag!! Amazing. I know I am like on a mission to get more of these little kick ass Nail polish pens and because its still OPI the nail polish is a high quality. I bought this pen at a salon supplier store but I know for fact this Nail polish pen is available at Target...god bless target as always.

Enjoy everyone!
love Kitsune63

Thursday, June 16, 2011 today gone tomorrow..

We all know the recession has hurt many retail and fashion companies such as American Apparel, but the next victim looks like it might be BCBG. Many of the retail stores are failing to make sales for  over a year and a half, as well as falling to pay bill like, water, fire and rent...oh snap! It gets worse!
W magazine released this information from BCBG as well.

"BCBG is experiencing financial trouble severe enough that it hasn't paid some of its bills since February. The company sent a letter to its creditors last week announcing it was "suspending" all payments "pending completion of new financing arrangements," reports Women's Wear Daily. BCBG is struggling to secure a $230 million loan in order to refinance a portion of its debt — otherwise, a $94 million loan will come due on June 16. And this looks bad: "BCBG did not respond to requests for comment. BCBG'S public relations representative sent out an e-mail Thursday saying she had resigned." Maybe because she hadn't been paid since February? Just a guess. Another rumor is that owner / CEO and head designer Max Azria has no idea how bad of money problems his company has, well I hope someone send him a memo.

I guess when they close the stores down Ill be first in line to pick up some dresses for all the wedding Ive got to go too. 

Love Kitsune63!

Guess the Future isn't so bright for BCBG......

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yes Woot! Woot Woot!!!
Have you seen woot? no woot for you? Well let me tell you about woot, its an online shirt website that has a cute and cleaver shirt of the day. where you can buy it for that day and cost is $10.00 with free shipping...I am thinking of getting this woot shirt today...only because its so cute it might kill me if I dont also I love foxes.

They do have a blog and woot community where you can purchase other things then cute T-shirts. But give this one to my husband because he told me about it and offered to buy me the cute baby foxes being baby foxes....
 ( here is the website )
Enjoy Kitsune63
Yes that is what the baby foxes look like on the shirt....DEATH BY CUTE

Friday, June 3, 2011

This is amazing, I will go banana for this.


Missoni for Target collaboration is the most exciting one yet, The line will be available from September 13 to October 22 at Target stores. Mark your calendars because I am!!!
Happy birthday to me!

Love Kitsune63

Thursday, June 2, 2011

TOO cute not to share...happy early friday everyone!

Why yes this is a real goose that is totally wearing sandals!!! Pet footwear fashion that is for other animals then dogs!
Its really is to protect his feet, what good pet parents...
.Happy friday Love Kitsune 63

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For once I like the disney kid stars

Good job Miley Cyrus, she totally called out Rick Santorum for his stance on gay marriage, Urban Outfitters CEO. Rick has also been funding Republican party whom are against equal marriage and equal rights for gay couples. But this is not only the hot water Urban Outfitters is in, they are in trouble with new young designers for Stealing their jewelry designs and concept. Kind of sad really, I know I am not shopping there because honesty I want shop at a store that steals designs from up and coming new designers trying to make a name for them self's or a company that whats to stop equal rights...I know I am my soap box. But I cant help my self I just think its funny that Rick Santorum is against gay marriage when Urban Outfitters is actually very popular with the gay community 

Good luck Urban your going to need it to win back my bussiness
Love Kitsune