Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Militray dresses for fall? I could actually love this..

So a new dress trend for fall, which actually makes sense because a military dress are typical thicker material and warmer which makes sense because the change of temperature.  I also love the vintage feel these lovely dresses are giving off from the world wars 1 and 2. because women were allowed to serve and I cant lie looked pretty good doing it.  Here are some looks what do you think? New chic trend or will fall out with fall.


And this lovely blue lady is Vintage Chanel.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ban on Fur? what!?

So there have been much heated debate over the sale of Fur in West Hollywood, in a sense it makes sense why its Cali, do they really need fur as well Wet Hollywood is know for its Cruelty free Cali Capital. Well what could this mean for other city if this Ban goes though? Well it can open the door for other city, I am I saying this is a huge deal.....no. Just annoying that's all. Why because being from a super cold city ( Chicago) Its cold, All of my family members all wear Fur in the winter, why because its warm. Sorry I used to be one of those people that said they would never do this or do that. Well my Auntie got me a Mink scarf for Christmas and since that Mink and my skin met I have been in love with fur. Sorry cute little Animal I love you and your fur. But I think Fur should be done right, animals treated with respect and well cared for, even show love and affection because oh its the right things to do.  So dear West Hollywood please dont ban fur, just make the practice of getting and making Fur coats or Fur good for ethical....

And Yes I would wear a Fox Fur coat...Love Kitsune63
Enjoy the warm Fur coat pictures

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing some Missoni!

So if you got the memo yesterday was the first day Target launched its Missoni line which ends October 22. Thank god yesterday was my day off and even though I was stuck dealing with the Target website crashing on and off it took almost the whole day to order 1 scarf and 1 pair of shoes. Friends of mine did battle the crowd in the early morning not really expecting a mad black friday crowd. Well there was and sadly if you missed out on Missoni launch just wait 2 weeks and are faithful Target will be restocked, because its target and they are awesome. Or wost case if YOU NEED some of this line you can go to Ebay because there are at least 2,000 item already posted. Yeah I love the tights as much as the next girl but I am not willing to pay a huge mark up to someone that was lucky to get there earlier then me. Ill wait. I know when Target had their Anna Sui Line I went BANANA ( in the words of Rachael Zoe ) I am a huge sucker for lace.

Well happy hunting fashion lovers, hope you get your self some Missoni....god bless Target.
Love Kitsune63