Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth science in Jewely, yes please?

I know in high school I did okay when it came to understanding precious metal and stones. Right now this little trend in jewelry is happening is amazing. I normally I do not do cocktail rings, first one to say it. I usually just wear my wedding ring and that is that, but I saw this and it had to be mine. Yes its kind of huge but I love it. and you can adjust the size but its not like the cocktail rings that stretch these is pure metal adjusting here.  I have seen these a lot of but I randomly saw this in a store and had the I NEED THIS feeling. which for the most part this type of jewelry is pretty affordable depending on designer as well. this was 10$ so affordable and cute equals mine. 

 yes i know my nails look like shit, but I just moved so give me a break.
 Happy Friday Love Kitsune63

I dream in Valentino Red...

So this is what heaven looks like, its slutty just like these shoes. Just look how heavenly they are chic and classy like any true fashion.

Enjoy your Friday Kitsune63

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I know its been so long...update on my life

Sorry Ive been gone for oh so long, but really My husband and I were on vacation and then right after our vacation we moved, to another state so we have been busy. I have been nuts with job hunting and unpacking things. But so far so I have had a few good interview. I even had an interview at Nordstrom, actually it was my second interview. And  I. do. not. think. We are cool for each other, sad face because I love Nordstrom and I know I would learn a lot from them but I don't think that job was a match for me and my needs. I had no idea in the retail world Nordstrom busy season is actually the summer....banana which suck the big one for me because I have 3 wedding in their busy season and seeing my BFF getting married is super important to me then a job that seems to want to own my life.Yeah we are not a match

But happy news, being home with family is A mazing ( yes I ment to make that type -o)
I am back in the windy city thank god, where fashion things happen whoo whoo.
Ill be back posting about more interesting things other then Oh fashion or cute things

Love Kitsune63