Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Longer eye lashes.....Yes Please

For the last three year that has been a prescription to makes ones eye lashes longer. Well since there is no medical need to make ones eye lashes longer this is not covered by ones insurance, lame right and its super expensive. Also if you are not brown eyed like myself one runs the risk of turning their colored eye brown Ouch! No thank you!
But for those of us ladies that have colored eyes and dont want to shell out a ton of money to make our eye lashes longer and fuller, there is hope. Physicians Formula has just release a new eye liner that also helps your eye lashes longer. Kill two birds with one stone as well as way more affordable like $10.95 instead of over a hundred and risk of turning eye color brown....I am on my way to target to fine this lovely new eye liner.
Love Kitsune63

Saturday, May 21, 2011

yeah the world didnt end !

So let talk fashion, and I have been seeing alot of copy cat behavior which sometimes cant be helped in fashion. When my eye came a cross this I could not help me self but to out it. I am not happy to see Justin Beiber knocking off my Hero Marc Jacobs bottle design, yes they are not the same but they look very close...to close for comfort. Dear Justin Beiber just because a million little girls love you and think you are the greatest thing in the worlds since sliced bread...guess what I don't.
 Sadly, I am having problems posting these pictures. Of Justin and Marc perfume for you the reader to compare to.  But I was able to post a link regarding the Justin Beiber perfume want to be.
love Kitsune63

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

holy bridesmaids dresses batman!

If you were a bridesmaid and you hate your bridesmaid dress and it taking lots of room in your closet, here is a website you can send it to and they can recycle it for you. Then they give you credit to buy a little black dress that is super chic and can be worn to many, many little event or even wear out with the girls! The website is called Newlymaid.com. I have posted the link on my blog you all of you lovely former bridesmaids. Its green, the dress gets new life and you get money to buy a new fab dress that you are going to wear many times over. So everyone wins. Earth, you and your closet!
Also get this! its does get better, they will send you a FexEx package to send your dress in to them! I have to go bananas on my closet to ship them an old prom dress or a bridesmaid dress I have...
Love Kitsune63


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Love Angel Music Baby! Yeah I am going to go here today, I was talking with a co worker the other day. And it came up in the conversation who is your favorite celebrity turned fashion designer. I didn't even really think about my answer because I have always Loved Gwen Stefani work, with LAMP or Harajuku line. I proudly have one of her Lamb bags, proudly love it too. Why do I love her as a designer because she actually does the work. Yeah bet you didn't know this, the lovely Gwen comes from along like of seamstresses, her mum was one in fact. Along with doing the work so also does the business and pushing her lines to work with her music career and networking with other fashion lines.  L.A.M.B collaborated with  Coty Inc. for the fragrance and with LeSportsac for handbags in 2003. Nothing new gossip here, but because I love her style and her fashion line so much I just had to talk about it.
So here are some fab pic of LAMB
love Kitsune 63

Monday, May 9, 2011

Looks like if your a head designer..you might be losing your job

Gap fired their head designer and now, Chloe lets go their creative director....Sorry Hannah MacGibbon. Though this might not be as bad as Gap head designer because Chloe has reported that Hannah is leaving Chloe for new projects. Well we hope thats true and hope to see some lovely new works from you!

So enjoy some pictures from Hannah works with Chloe!
Enjoy Kitsune63

Friday, May 6, 2011

there is a change coming....To Gap

Keep your eyes peeled and looking out for a new change in design at Gap, because they just fired their head designer Patrick Robins. Unlike Coach's sad excuse for a designer Patrick actually does design and has a lot of support from big design friends such as Anna Wintour's active support, a Parsons education, and done jobs at Giorgio Armani and Paco Rabanne on his resume. Robinson's tenure marked a turn towards more carefully designed collections Of  Patrick's shining moments on his resume are, he took a year to re deisgn Gaps Entire denim line, also a successful collaboration with  Stella McCartney for kids Gap happened on his watch, as well as a shoe collaboration with Pierre Hardy  that resulted in $250 wedges. So why the let go? and why the let go with out a replacement ready to jump in and start working? Well we believe it comes down to sales once again, sales have been down for a bit for Gap so they are trying to rework their lines and new logo. We are sorry to see you go Patrick, but by the sound of who you know and who you have worked with we are sure your doing pick your self right up. Good Luck Patrick! if only Coach would lay off their Head designer...the world would be a better place for design.
Love Kitsune63