Monday, August 22, 2011

nail 6

So far so good! My nails look really good they have been though 2 days of work the air port which we all know is murder on ones nail mine are barely showing any chips and damage. I wish I was kidding but really I am in love with Sally Hanson Nail Effect in fact I might never go get my nail did ever again. These little babies are still going strong and for me normally a manicure only last 2 days before major damage of chipping and peeling happens. Especially at work, normal I break my nails like mad, but because these babies are so to speak stickers. I feel like they holding my nails together kind of like a strong layer my nails never had. I strongly suggest this product.

This is super affordable versus getting a manicure 10$ for a box of this stuff which last longer then a normal manicure and no chemical hell acrylic for you too.
Enjoy Kitsune63

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

nail experiment...

So I am bored and going on Vacation soon I also do not have the time to get my nails did...So I heard really good things about Sally Hanson Nail effects....

I choose the Lace pattern, I have never been good at following directions. I completely missed the prep instructions and like the child I am I followed the instructions with the pretty pictures.  I will be going to work for the next to days and mind you I do a lot of work with my hands and normally a manicure only last me a day at work. So I going to see if these babies can last 2 day of work and a weekend out of town...wish my luck because my nails look so pretty and this was super super easy to do. Though if they do not work as well as I have heard I will be trying it again with following all of the prep instructions as well.....

  Here are my nails, I will post pictures of what my nails look like before I go on vacation, and after but I do warn if my nails start looking like poo, I will take it off before I can post. I am one of those nut jobs that cant, cant stand having a chipped manicure!

Love Kitsune63

Jeans or Leggins?

Jeans or Leggings, what to wear? I have to say for a very very long time I have been on a legging binge because they look so sharp nice pair of black leggings makes one look so thin and let clothing to lay so nice with flat, heels and boots. While Jeans are and can be much more expensive along with maybe having to get altered for those of us short girls.

I do love a pair of skinny jean but boot cut are lovely jean with flats. I just wonder what is coming next in fashion I really don't want to see Skinny Jean or leggings go away because I love these styles in the winter because they go so well with tall boots.

I really would love some feed back from you guys about what you think about Jean versus Leggings!

and Yes I do wear Leggings as Pant...but really what do you think?
Love Kitsune63

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kelly Osbourne talks smack about Kate Middelton's supposed thrifty style.

Say what bitch! Well how about this go F*  your Self Kelly I have no reason to be in the fashion world because I have famous parents. I said it, we are so sorry no prince wants to marry you. If Kate has thrifty style good for her, why Oh because the whole wide world is in recession and since she has married a Prince she might want to be an example unlike your self. WTF, Honestly I have never, never like the idea if Kelly Osbourne being a judge on E’s fashion police, because she pays people to dress her, just because you lost some weight and hired a stylist doesn’t mean you know shit about fashion. I am going to be blunt about it because there are so many of us that love fashion and study it and go to school for it, real fashion and style comes with love not wanting to fit in.  I have always hated Celebrities acting like they love fashion and love the art of it, well they don’t its easy for them to afford all high end amazing brand that the everyday Joe can’t afford that we save and save and love from a far.
I also think Kelly starting a fight with Kate is Jealousy, sorry you didn’t get to marry a Prince and sorry you don’t get to the have the Cinderella moments.Kelly how about you take some design classes instead of picking fights with people with real style...just saying

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding bells for Micheal KORS!!!

Congratulation Micheal!! I love hearing this new this early in the morning!! You cant stop the change from coming and this new that warms my heart after the last few days of sad new in the world. Who is next to get married in NYC, maybe the fabulous Beekman boys?!
 Newly married Michael Kors and his boyfriend of many years, Lance LePere. Kors and Lepere were spotted at NYC's City Hall this Wednesday to receive their marriage license. “Lance and I are very excited to finally be able to have the opportunity to marry in our homestate after many years together,” said Kors. “We have no plans for a major party, but we will be getting married privately.” ( WWD)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Butterfly Sleeves and why I love them...

I don't know what rock I was living under but I just discovered my new love for the end of summer style. And its Butterfly Sleeves, why because they are so light, airy and whimsically adorably! Which is perfect of end of summer when things are starting to cool off, which where I live cant happen soon enough. ( its very hot where I live currently) Though there are many different style of butterfly sleeves though my favorite short and sleeve with more of a fitted top because with the sleeves being so open and airy I feel having a fitted blouse to help create shape so also so its not so 70's vintage style to.  ( which is still love)

Enjoy the weekend my lovely