Saturday, March 31, 2012

watch how you word your shit! or you going to get sued

So I found this little article interesting but I am not super surprised about it either  Dolce & Gabbana has just sued a small, sea-side jewelry shop in Cape Town, South Africa, for naming the store "Dolce and Banana." According to WWD, the business has been around for 12 years and has developed into a tourist attraction. Owner Mijou Beller didn't have enough money to fight in the lawsuit, and has apparently changed her name for $13,195. According to its Facebook, it seems like Mijou has dropped the "Dolce" part in the name, and now goes by just &Banana. It's a smart move, as far as we're concerned. 'Cause as we all know, "There's always money in the banana stand." (WWD

Of course I got this little tidbit from refinery 29,  they are always great fro a random story.  I kind of feel bad for the little shop because they didn't even have the money to fight back or anything other then change the name as D&G wishes were. I wish they would go after the companies that product cheap shitty hand bags tht use child labor. But that's just me..and actually the little bracelet is pretty cute i might have to support these guys and buy it. I do love supporting small business. 


Friday, March 30, 2012

the new herion is Pinterest

Yeah we all know that sentence is true, because if you have not tried or used Pinterest you can not argue its additive nature.  I know there have been times I cant think of something to write about and I take a look at Pinterest and find my inspiration easily with fashion or putting an outfit together. As well as baking god do I love baking and there are some amazing idea on Pinterest that people have tried and reworked the recipe. I have always been some one on a budget and there are many times I force my self to be on tight budget because that is how I roll. I love DYI because it allow my family to save money and be creative with what we have, and Pinterest has loads and loads of DYI ideas posting every five minutes at least. So I strongly suggest you give it look, here is some pictures from Pinterest.
Love Kitsune63

Thursday, March 29, 2012

what I learned from a facial

So I had my first facial I know bad very I should have had one years ago, granted I am only 25 going on 26 and I though I take fairly good care of my skin.  What I learned from this facial or what my facial lady told me. I need to start using a toner to tone my skin at least twice week, I can easy do that. While we were on vacation I wore a 100 SPF yeah I am hard core like that. Well probably yes its good for your body but bad for face because the skin on ones face is thinner then on the body. 100 SPF has lots and lots of harsh chemical that are not in your skin best interest the most your face should see is 30SPF. Which is fair to me, I can live with that.  Another fun fact, I use baby shampoo as my make up remover because it does such a great job removing my eye make up. Sadly this also filled with super harsh chemicals for my face so I have been using it to remove my eye make up and just simple use a cleanser for me face.  I know I was a poor college student and now and I am adult trying to make it in the world but my husband agree with me that having a spa day to treat our skin is important and as well as massages since my whole back was a big knot, poor masseuse. I learned what the knot can actually lead to arthritis and lots of pain in the back ( we just had back massages) typically a whole body massage is ideal but hey that really expensive and sometime really awkward.

So here is my skin care regiment
Use Cleanser five days a week
Use a mask twice a week
Use a toner twice a week 
Use a scrub three times a week
 Always use a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it
Also always use anti-aging night cream as well.
I know its alot but you will see a change in your skin, I typically do all of these and I don't have it marked on the calendar what day is what day do to what with my skin but I know when I need do treat me skin with these. Also if you humanly can possible maybe do this, use green natural products as well.

Hope your skin loves you back

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gossip on eco and good stores to shop, you will be suprised who is using child labor

For my foxy ladies that are compassionate with where they shop and want to only shop at places that care about their employees, which is me. I have worked for several companies that clearly do not care about their employees happiness not going to name names here but they know who they are.  I found this chat which list several store I shop at, we all know I love Target, they didnt do so bad ranking wise and thank god they never got in trouble for using child labor like some companies. Oddly I notices that some of the really high end stores like Zara or Topshop, have and currently still use child labor and treat their employees like dirt, well guess who is not going to be shopping there anymore. Yes I know the quality of the clothes is great but knowing that some poor kid is sewing those pants is not cool in my book.

Here is the chat enjoy and I hope this changes how you shop and where you shop
Love Kitsune63

American ApparelPlenty of organic clothing. Recycles and donates extra materials, has solar panels on factory, subsidizes public transportation for employees and provides a bike share.Manufactures exclusively in U.S.; provides health insurance, English classes and meals. But CEO accused in several lawsuits of harassing female employees.
American EagleNo eco-friendly items. Matches employee carbon offset donations; sends damaged goods to charities for recycling. Working on more initiatives.Has code of conduct; inspects factories; works with noncompliant suppliers to improve or terminates relationship.
Ann Taylor LoftNo eco-friendly items. Energy-efficiency initiative in stores and offices; reduced packaging and shipping energy used. Working on more initiatives.Has principles and guidelines for suppliers; conducts third party unannounced audits; works with noncompliant suppliers to improve or terminates relationship.
ASOSGreen Room website section features eco-friendly and fair trade clothing and accessories. Is carbon neutral; reduced carbon footprint by cutting air freight from 75% to 10% of goods.Part of Ethical Trade Initiative association of companies, trade unions and organizations that work to improve global working conditions. Has code of conduct; has independent audits of suppliers; works with noncompliant suppliers to improve or terminates relationship.
Charlotte RusseNo eco-friendly items or sustainable practices.Has guidelines for suppliers; hasn’t started independent audits yet.
ExpressNo eco-friendly items or sustainable practices.Has standards for suppliers; conducts independent audits.
Gap Inc.No eco-friendly items. Part of Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Working on more initiatives.Has code of vendor conduct; makes unannounced visits to suppliers; works with noncompliant suppliers to improve or terminates relationship.
Forever 21No eco-friendly items or sustainable practices.2002 lawsuit alleged sweatshop conditions; currently being sued again for labor practices. Accused of using child labor in Uzbekistan along with Urban Outfitters and Aeropostale by International Labor Rights Forum.
H&MAfter being found out for destroying wearable clothing in 2009, stopped that practice and pioneered affordable sustainability with Conscious Collection; #1 user of organic cotton worldwide; part of Sustainable Apparel Coalition.Has code of conduct with independent audits; works with noncompliant suppliers but no stated policy on termination for non-compliant suppliers.
TargetSome eco-friendly items and food. Reduced energy use at stores; reduced operating waste; collects consumer e-waste. Working on more initiatives.Conducts unannounced audits; works with noncompliant suppliers to improve or terminates relationship.
TopshopFew eco-friendly items. Reduced energy use at stores and offices; reduced gas use in shipping; increased recycling. Working on more initiatives.Accused in 2007 of using slave labor by newspaper investigation; published Code of Conduct in 2009; conducts independent evaluations.
Urban OutfittersNo eco-friendly items or sustainable practices.No labor guidelines; accused of using child labor in Uzbekistan along with Forever 21 and Aeropostale by International Labor Rights Forum.
Victoria’s SecretNo eco-friendly items. Reduced paper and energy use; increased recycling. Working on more initiatives.Has sourcing standards with independent audits. Currently being inspected by U.S. investigators for using child labor.
ZaraFew eco-friendly items. Improved energy efficiency; has sustainably-built stores, including a LEED-certified one. Working on more initiatives.Has code of conduct with inspections. Accused last fall of using slave labor by Brazilian TV report; responded saying it would “strengthen supervision.”

Friday, March 9, 2012

A new love of Eye Liner

I must be on an Eye Liner binge or something, because I was nuts about the Stila eye liner. Now I am nuts about the gel eye liner you use with a brush to apply. I was talking with one of my very good friends whom is a make up guru. She was trying to get my to try a gel eye liner because you are literally painting your face, which for some of us we dont have the time or patients to wait to do it or give it a try. Yesterday was my day off and I was going to give it a try because it I had to waste ton of time washing and redoing my face I had the time. But I actually only had to redo it once to get the lines right. I cant say which one is the best Gel eye liner to use but if its your first time you should probably stick with a brand alot because you are comfortable with them. I have heard nothing but amazing things from the MAC gel eye liner. My good friend uses MAC and when I was staying with her watching her put it on was like watching her paint her eyes and she was able to create all these different lines and shape. Which if you love make up you want something that keep on creating new and exciting things not just a one trick pony.

Enjoy love