Thursday, June 13, 2013

Product testing time!

Good afternoon everyone!
Its Summer time and as anyone else my skin drys out fast with the heat and in the cold months, but I live in leggings which putting on a slow drying lotion is not ideal for getting in the morning or at night when you are trying not to freeze to death with out pants in the winter.  So when this little product hit the shelves I was interested, its Spray and god moisturizer would be perfect and since living in a hot climate now where pants are not an option in the summer. Right perfect match made in heaven right?? NO!

I will note this product might be perfect for you if you do not have dry skin, but if you do this is a no go.
I was putting this one twice a day morning after shower and night before bed and I would still have dry skin.  I will say it does adsorb fast but my skin will be dry an hour later so the idea is great and I know maybe right now they cant get he formal right for dry skin and to dry quickly. Needless to say I have gone though the bottle of it super fast in attempt to be fair and give product a good chance. Which makes me a bit crabby to buy something and it does work for me and then to pay for more it and its empty instead of just sticking with good old fashion moisturizer.

For those still willing to give it a try this it what it looks like when you spray it on your body, and it doesn't run so its no super watery, so it really is a good first attempt at making a product like this.

Have a good day everyone and GO HAWKS!! Yes the Chicago native in my has to say good job to the Hawks for winning the Stanley cup!