Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New years Eve dress!

So with the holidays being almost over and a week to shop the after Christmas sales we are left with New Years Eve party planning and dress shopping! While shopping for this said dress I went to a new store that is slowly growing, the name is Dry Goods, there is actually only four stores in the USA right now but they have some very chic and affordable fashion and some cute cocktail dresses for New Years Eve. I did not see a dress or garment priced over a hundred dollars. So once again affordable fashion for all! Also another interesting fact for those whom like to have store credit card, the company has a 0 interest 0 fees credit card! The company claims that this is not a game they will NEVER charge you interest or fees on their credit card! So if that NYE dress really news a few cute accessories you can pick them up and not pay for them twice in interest and fees.
The was amazing in design, and easy to shop. the concept was clean and warm it left like a young Anthropology with our the high mark up on their clothes

Enjoy the NYE dress shopping!
Love Kitsune63

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An early Christmas Present for everyone!!

Merry Christmas to everyone and here is my gift to all of my readers......and to all of my Target fans!!! Well Guess who & when will be the next High end fashion designer for Target. I will be Michele Obama favorite designer Jason Wu!!! Also guess what no one has to wait months on end it will be released FEBRUARY 5Th!! I can only hope that all the issues that faced with their last line that was released the famous Missoni line. Hopefully their site will not keep crashing, or having delayed orders.

Here are some fab pictures to hold you over til its time!! 
Love Kitsune63

Monday, December 19, 2011

A great winter read..its got great ELLEments

If the winter some times leaves you uninspired with fashion while waiting for the spring collection to start showing up. I strongly suggest some fashion readying material. A great book I like to page though over and over again is The ELLEments of Personal Style. Its a great book that every time I look though it I find something new, its a like wheres waldo of fashion because it contains lots and lots of fun little tid bits of Stylist, actress, models and fashion designers. The way the book its planned out its got lots of fun fashion facts about the women whom are featured in it. I was actually given this book by a great friend of mine whom could easily whom I sometime have a huge fashion crush on her personal style... And I have to say this was great gift because it keeps inspiring me over and over again. A great little fact that is in the book is Padma Lakshmi is featured in the book and she gives out her little recipe for home made perfume! Something great to do when you are feeling creative and bored with all of your perfumes.

Hint Hint if you have no idea what to get the fashionista that has everything this might be a great gift idea which will be loved and reread over and over again

Love Kitsune63

Friday, December 2, 2011

If you buy FAKE handbag you are supporting TERRORISM!!

Well not exactly but damn it you are supporting some very bad things, you are supporting Child labor, trafficking and organized crime...I know the economy is still in the toilet but buying that fake handbag to try and fit in with other people is not going work so why do it. Because at the end of the day its causes some really bad things for the rest of the world. Alot of people things it hurts the designer well its does hurt the companies and the people that work for them. Here are some of the cold hard facts about Fake handbags " 7 percent of our annual world trade — $600 billion worth — is counterfeit or pirated; that fakes are believed to be directly responsible for the loss of more than 750,000 American jobs; that everything from baby formula to medicine is counterfeited, with tragic results; that counterfeiters and the crime syndicates they work with deal in human trafficking, child labor, and gang warfare; and that counterfeiting is used to launder money, and the money has been linked to truly sinister deeds such as terrorism." When I was in college of course I wanted that Coach bag or the Micheal Kors bag just as much as the next girl, well what did I do. I saved up and waited til I had the money for it. Or I would shop around at the Sak 5th Ave or the Bloomingdales outlet store. I mean there are so many way to get designer bags at more affordable prices then getting them straight from the retailer. Also you are not funding some bad people also the bag will last you alot longer then the ugly fakes bags. So when you are walking are a place that sells fakes handbag think of the children and American Jobs you are cutting short.

Enjoy the truth, and be a real American and buy a real bag

Love Kitsune63

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guns turned in to Jewely..why yes its true!

This turned my head while reading the New York times and this could mean and all and all good things in area high in conflict such as most of Africa, oh maybe the middle east. Take a look at these babies!

“These earrings,” “are made from AK-47 gun metal.” its totally gangsta right!?

  Don'tworry no one in America is going to try and take your guns, its only for country that are high in conflict, like Kenya or Congo This Idea and concept is from a foundation called Fonderie 47 It finances nongovernmental organizations, like the Mines Advisory Group, which in turn are contracted by Congo’s government to destroy the weapons. So far, Fonderie 47 has demolished about 6,000 AK47's which that is a big help in ending war in this 3rd world countries and child soldiers to fight in these wars as well.

Yes it hard to believe these earrings are made from AK47's nuts I know but they look lovely and for a good cause unfortunately its a very expensive pair of earrings these babies sold for $23,000! granted every penny of that went to a very good cause and since its the season of giving I though this would be a lovely way to start off December!
Love Kitsune63

PS if you want to read more infor on these lovely gun turned to jewels here is the link

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Bussiness fight for the little guy

So with all the madness door buster sales and black Friday hot mess time, well its really time to fight for the little guy. the small company that cant really afford to give it to you for free. But back in the day all the big companies were small business that really were the start of someone dream and fight to create a better life for them and their family. So Please I know its a little late but if you can and per chance able please go buy something from a mum and pop store or company. If you don't know a great little guy store I have the site for you. Which is one of my favorite store / websites. Its called many many people whom and little hobbies or a passion for something. Or just wanted to create their small business and didn't want to go balls to the wall and start their company. One can literally find almost everything they want that is homemade or vintage and they make sure its real vintage. I have ordered things like scarfs, jewelry, candles, stuffed animals, and clothes. This site is amazing because it can help step by step and chat room on how to create and strengthen ones home business. So if you have a dream or want to help out the little guy give Etsy a look and help a small business out.

Here is actually my store but not to self promote myself, but serously please give this site a look and maybe help someone sell something they love and took blood sweat and tears to make. 
Love Kitsune63

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday thursday night maddness!

On my way over to thanksgiving dinner tonight we drove past a best buy and saw a line with people sleeping in tent just to get to the Am Thursday sale which is before black Friday. I work in retail currently and while I was in college I did also yes I had a couple of year off working in the real world. And I have always hated, hated black Friday I though it was nuts that people went out of their way destroying a perfectly good day off and night to spend with family looking for a deal. I can only think of those poor souls how are forced to give up time with family that they maybe don't see often. Because unlike alot of America families we eat late at night on thanksgiving because we take all day and some of the evening cooking and actually enjoying each others company. I think this year starting the retail madness on Thursday evening is sad, yes this is a blog dedicated to fashion but it hard to see many people give up time with loved one so someone can score a good deal on a TV. I understand people cant afford to spend alot this year because we are still in hard times but for the love of god figure it out in different ways, I for one am going to be baking alot of gifts for friends and creating gifts on a budget. God knows I love you target but you kind of have pissed me off with this Thursday night madness. Which know this if you have not worked in retail at least once in your life, people in stores can tell because you tend to mess up more things in a store them some one who has walking in those retail shoe and five year from now I will be grateful I have worked in retail because it taught me a sense of respect and a new set of manners. Just and FYI bitches....
Love Kitsune63 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shirt of the month of the club....

So we have all seen the Kim Kardashian shoe dazzle which is a shoe club of the month, But this is much better in my book its a shirt club of the month created by Ashley and Mary kate Olsen which we all know those two at least went to college and studied fashion and have done some actual work instead of making it big of mummy and daddy. But Any the site is called the site is fairly simple.

Here are how it works from the read the Gossip
  • It's FREE to look! Get a FREE StyleProfile. Never an obligation to buy
  • Start your membership with your first purchase
  • All T Shirts are just $29.99 each
  • You only receive what you order. We'll email you at the beginning of every month with your TopStyles based on your StyleProfile.
  • Choose to buy or skip a month in the first 5 days at
    no charge
  • Shipping is always FREE
  • Returns are EASY
Enjoy loves! They LOOK SO soft Ill keep you posted if they worth it or not
Love Kitsune63

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Veterans days!! Idea of things to send to the Troops deployed!

So I come from an Air force family and my hero and best friend is also in the military my husband. My brother is in the Air force and is currently deployed to ( well I cant say) loose lips sink ship was a famous saying in WW II. Many of my good friends have deployed and since they are willing to give up everything they have even their lives for a greater cause I feel we always have to show our support and compassion for their sacrifice. I know many of fashion show and lines have had many inspired looks based on military uniform. With fitted Blazers, as well as gold disk on a soldier Class A designers have used gold button to mimic these disk. This is worn by the back bone of the enlisted in the military as well as Shoulder boards which is worn by the Officers.   I have given a fashion nod to our Veterans time to send the Troops some support!

IF you would like to send a Care package to a Solider here are some items they would love to get from anyone,
·  Baby Wipes - packets are better than tubs. Much better than baby wipes, per se, are the "Hoo Ahhs" brand of pre-moistened, alcohol-free, unscented Field Towels
·  Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
·  Energy Bars (Power Bar, etc. - Unless a specific brand is requested, much better than standard civilian energy bars are the "HOOAH!" brand energy bar based on the U.S. military's own specially formulated bar that better meets the soliers' needs)
·  Hot Sauce (Tabasco, Red Devil, etc.) - wrap glass bottle in duct tape and place in doubled zip-lock bags
·  Sunflower seeds
·  Peanuts
·  Seasoning Salt (Lawry's, etc.)
·  Atomic Fireballs / Jolly Rancher hard candy (for service member use)
·  Smarties or SweetTart candies (for local children who prefer sour style candy to build relationships with community)
·  Powdered Energy/Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix (Gatorade, etc.)
·  Chewing Gum
·  Avon Skin So Soft - great for removing face paint and also reputed to be an effective bug repellant (the latter seems variable based on personal experience and reports)
·  AA-cell Alkaline Batteries
·  Personal Hygiene Gear: Disposable Razors, Toothbrush and Tooth Paste
·  Eye Wash / Drops (Visine, etc.) for flushing dust and sand out of the eyes
·  Zip-Lock style Plastic Storage Bags - assorted sizes, heavier freezer style are better
·  Copenhagen Snuff in a tin A large percentage of infantry use this stuff and it is hard to get. The stuff they do get comes in a plastic can and tastes terrible. The 'Stateside Hagen' is the most powerful bargaining tool in a field environment!
·  Pre-paid Phone Card so service member can call home
Veterans of Foreign Wars operates Operation Uplink which sends free prepaid phone cards to service members. On the Operation Uplink site you can request a card for a specific service member or make a donation to help support
If you do not want to buy these item your self and can do this The USO operates "Operation USO Care Package" which takes your $25 donation and sends a care package and your personal note to a randomly selected deployed service member.
Those who would like to simply send a message of support to a randomly selected deployed service member may do so via Operation Dear Abby.
I really hope my dear readers think of the Vets and active military today, as well as look at what you can do for those that are willing to give up everything for someone else.

 This is My hero, I love him with all of my heart.
Love Kistune63

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Favorite Sample Sale Why because its the best of both worlds, its not the slowest of the sample sale website. But its not the fastest the fastest is Ideeli. I cant lie every time I have ordered something in a hurry like a last minute gift it has gotten to me on time and it didnt take over a month to get to me. If you order anything from Beyond the rack you can expect that it will take a very long time like over a month. Which is not a huge problem in my case I ordered a pair riding boots and they have just shipped. So if you are in a hurry Ideeli is your best bet. If your okay with waiting a little bit but not too much Haute look is your friend also they are still my favorite because they something called Blowout sales which is like a normal sale but with better prices I know Ideeli has something called Red sales but if your a in their preferred customer then you get those sales first if not your second best ( which FYI on Ideeli you have to pay to be ca preferred customer as well) I just thought of sharing my experance of these sales with you guys. Also Haute look has more sales of designers and companies I love unlike the others. So shipping does depend on the company but, the one you will love the most has sales of shoes, bag, and clothes you love the most.

Love Kitsune63

Sunday, November 6, 2011

High fashion want to be Kardashian making fake hand bags...I am not suprised are U?

Well It Kim's high profile marriage and not surprised divorce wasn't a shocker to anyone this might be a bit more shocking.  So the three famous sister whom are famous for doing nothing much like the Jersey Shore. Are of course taking it for all its worth to the bank and creating a crappy " fashion line" because we all know they study fashion at college or can sew, draw, or even create a line that with out the help of someone else. We all know these girls get their fashion sense from the people they hire like stylist that work their tales off.

Kardashians' versions of some of the world's most knocked-off bags: Balenciaga's "Part Time," ChloƩ's "Marcie," and Foley + Corinna's "City Bag." Earlier this year, the Kardashian Kollection knocked off a well-known Botkier bag.

As someone who did go to design school and that spends hour and hours looking at look books and trying to learn the fine art of fashion Yes I  understand rules are meant to be broken but when you are famous for doing nothing then you try to create something and god know you are not doing the back breaking work of creating something you are slapping you name on and it and taking the credit because if you were creating this line from scratch you would understand the hate and hurt you create when you make fake handbags...well got some new for you Kardashian those of us that love fashion and really love it. We know you are all full of crap...

Which one is the fake?? I wonder
Love Kitsune 63

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jean gossip

Are some jeans better then other jeans? Yes
Are name brand designer jeans better then non name brand designer jeans? also Yes

So growing up though high school I used to wear Express jeans why because it was cool thing to do and there was no way in hell I was able to afford Abercrombie and Fitch jean ( until I stated working there in college) which I loved for the same reason I think I just fell in love with True Religion Jeans...AF jean were always super soft and comfortable and being the short girl I am all their jean come in short ( there is a god) BUT the only issue I have had with them is that though out the day the jean would stretch ( FYI about AF jean they are 100% cotton and hand made, yeah no joke) and at the end of the day you need a belt. I also have Seven jean for all humankind which also pretty kick bunny tail! BUT they are not as soft as True Religion Jeans as well and they waist is not as thing either which I think is what is causing them not to stretch out like crazy.  Hudson jeans also a close Favorite of mine, soft and the waist does not stretch but here is were True Religion bets Hudson jean..the butt pocket butts if you are getting Husdons with the butt pockets I know my little bum starts to hurt if I am sitting for along time in these Jean because unlike True Religion button they are thick and small at least with the True Religion Jean the button are flatter and bigger which do not cause as much notice to one bum. Sorry if that was too much infor for you...

til next time

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chirstmas shopping has begun!!

I know I know I am starting early but I cant help it, I hate tobe left over budget and rushing like a mad man to around black friday I rather take my time thing about gifts for friend and family. So I have started searching for great gifts for my friends and family. Here is a great gift idea for a girlfriend or family member that love trying new types and brands of makeup and its also the gift that keeps giving.

I found, its like a fruit of the month club makeup. which you can buy up one year or to 3 month or just 1 month to give it a try out and see if you even like it, you decide and each month is different as well. The box is just a nice side but its also a normal site that if you loved a product you got in your box and you order it from the size just so its not a one time deal with getting a product you love. Birchbox also has a reward program for members as well. So you sign up to get the yearly box (  1 box per month) at the end of the year you get a free box. In the box you get 4-5 samples which is hence if you get a product you really like out of the box you can order the full size off the site. Its a great gift for some one that wants to try new product but not waste money one they think they will like at least its a great test drive and a gift.
Love Kistune63

Thursday, October 20, 2011

week 2 of 30 day no chip manicure!

So far so good once again with the real deal, its been 2 weeks since I got this manicure in Chicago. I understand why my Aunt always gets a french with this manicure as you can see from the pictures they are still nice and shinny and no chips but you can see the nail growth, though its not that bad but next time I will rethink color unless I see another color I love which is more then likely going to happen.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The REAL 30 day no chip manicure....

So I know I talked about a no chip manciure before that wasnt a real no chip manicure because on the second day it chipped. I was like WTF so I called my Auntie whom I know only gets no Chip Manicure I started to explain how the did the manicure well it turns out it wasn't a no chip. Because when you are getting a " real no chip manicure" What a real no chip manicure requires special nail polish and each layer base, polish and top coat all must go under a light to activate the chemical for no chipping.  So my Auntie ( whom is amazing) decided to treat me to a No chip Manicure and I got it Friday the 7th and it has survived so far and has no had any issues from work too. They only 2 things that will kind of suck about this manicure are that to get the nail polish and other fun stuff off you have to literally soak your hands in acetone also if you get a color like I did ( dark purple) as time goes on you will see the nail growth from your figures. Also this manicure is more expensive then a normal one but personally its worth it to me. I hate paying for something that only has a day or two, the no chip ( a real no chip) is perfect not wasting money and I dont have to be delicate with my nails.

See so far so good Ill post a pic each week til I take it off.
Enjoy Kitsune63

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sheckys A girls night out....or is it?

HOLA my fashion foxes,
So Sheckys is like a girls night out dream, you go with your girl friends pay 10$ to get in or 30$ to get in and for a goodie bag. Well I normally go to the one in Chicago and have had lots of fun getting free ( yes Free cocktails from the sponsors) And Normally you get the chance to  pay whole sale for great boutiques and jewelry boutiques as well. Which I usually pay because at those t prices are so amazing but this year I am living in St Louis so naturally I was excited to see that they came to this little city. And because I had a great time at the other ones I went to in Chicago....WRONG

So the location was way too small, it was a hot mess in this place My girlfriend and I kept getting bumped in too and worst when we looked at the venders...It was all crap. Solid Crap why because they decided it would be cool to have crappy jewelry that I can order from a stay at home mummy. Example we could buy from Cookie Lee jewelry and Scentsy  ( wtf) If I wanted cheap crappy stuff like this I would have stayed home and the cake topper of all of this was. A vender was really no joke trying to sell FAKE CHANEL FLIP FLOP!!!! I was pissed! and Insulted! My girlfriend had 2 free beers and that was that for us...It honestly was not worth it. IF you live in a bigger city there is hope but not if you live in St Louis.  Also the goodie bag which would have been a redeemer to this crap fest was also another let down, In Chicago I have gotten free books and FULL SIZE bottles of body products and tons of makeup samples that were full size as well. Also every year this event was sponsored by a chocolate company and not this year so NO FULL SIZE bar of CHOCOLATE this to a women is a sin..
So Avoid Avoid....
Love Kitsune63

Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 day manicure? well here we go day 1

So I am sure we all have murdered or chipped a manicure a day after we get the bloody thing? Yes? Well I  have heard amazing things about the 30 day manicure, and typically its not much more then a normal manicure...So this is my day 1 of this baby...wish me luck. So far only one person I know has tried this baby out and its my Auntie. But she is not super hard on her nail like me. I destroy manicures like a bunny eats a carrot. Even better from what I hear and will be testing is this baby comes off with simply nail polish. I hate to say it but 30 days if its true its totally worth the money and doesn't take longer then a normal manicure. So these baby have to deal with my work, working out and a mini vacation....BRING IT ON!

Day 1
Love Kitsune 63

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Militray dresses for fall? I could actually love this..

So a new dress trend for fall, which actually makes sense because a military dress are typical thicker material and warmer which makes sense because the change of temperature.  I also love the vintage feel these lovely dresses are giving off from the world wars 1 and 2. because women were allowed to serve and I cant lie looked pretty good doing it.  Here are some looks what do you think? New chic trend or will fall out with fall.


And this lovely blue lady is Vintage Chanel.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ban on Fur? what!?

So there have been much heated debate over the sale of Fur in West Hollywood, in a sense it makes sense why its Cali, do they really need fur as well Wet Hollywood is know for its Cruelty free Cali Capital. Well what could this mean for other city if this Ban goes though? Well it can open the door for other city, I am I saying this is a huge Just annoying that's all. Why because being from a super cold city ( Chicago) Its cold, All of my family members all wear Fur in the winter, why because its warm. Sorry I used to be one of those people that said they would never do this or do that. Well my Auntie got me a Mink scarf for Christmas and since that Mink and my skin met I have been in love with fur. Sorry cute little Animal I love you and your fur. But I think Fur should be done right, animals treated with respect and well cared for, even show love and affection because oh its the right things to do.  So dear West Hollywood please dont ban fur, just make the practice of getting and making Fur coats or Fur good for ethical....

And Yes I would wear a Fox Fur coat...Love Kitsune63
Enjoy the warm Fur coat pictures

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing some Missoni!

So if you got the memo yesterday was the first day Target launched its Missoni line which ends October 22. Thank god yesterday was my day off and even though I was stuck dealing with the Target website crashing on and off it took almost the whole day to order 1 scarf and 1 pair of shoes. Friends of mine did battle the crowd in the early morning not really expecting a mad black friday crowd. Well there was and sadly if you missed out on Missoni launch just wait 2 weeks and are faithful Target will be restocked, because its target and they are awesome. Or wost case if YOU NEED some of this line you can go to Ebay because there are at least 2,000 item already posted. Yeah I love the tights as much as the next girl but I am not willing to pay a huge mark up to someone that was lucky to get there earlier then me. Ill wait. I know when Target had their Anna Sui Line I went BANANA ( in the words of Rachael Zoe ) I am a huge sucker for lace.

Well happy hunting fashion lovers, hope you get your self some Missoni....god bless Target.
Love Kitsune63

Monday, August 22, 2011

nail 6

So far so good! My nails look really good they have been though 2 days of work the air port which we all know is murder on ones nail mine are barely showing any chips and damage. I wish I was kidding but really I am in love with Sally Hanson Nail Effect in fact I might never go get my nail did ever again. These little babies are still going strong and for me normally a manicure only last 2 days before major damage of chipping and peeling happens. Especially at work, normal I break my nails like mad, but because these babies are so to speak stickers. I feel like they holding my nails together kind of like a strong layer my nails never had. I strongly suggest this product.

This is super affordable versus getting a manicure 10$ for a box of this stuff which last longer then a normal manicure and no chemical hell acrylic for you too.
Enjoy Kitsune63

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

nail experiment...

So I am bored and going on Vacation soon I also do not have the time to get my nails did...So I heard really good things about Sally Hanson Nail effects....

I choose the Lace pattern, I have never been good at following directions. I completely missed the prep instructions and like the child I am I followed the instructions with the pretty pictures.  I will be going to work for the next to days and mind you I do a lot of work with my hands and normally a manicure only last me a day at work. So I going to see if these babies can last 2 day of work and a weekend out of town...wish my luck because my nails look so pretty and this was super super easy to do. Though if they do not work as well as I have heard I will be trying it again with following all of the prep instructions as well.....

  Here are my nails, I will post pictures of what my nails look like before I go on vacation, and after but I do warn if my nails start looking like poo, I will take it off before I can post. I am one of those nut jobs that cant, cant stand having a chipped manicure!

Love Kitsune63

Jeans or Leggins?

Jeans or Leggings, what to wear? I have to say for a very very long time I have been on a legging binge because they look so sharp nice pair of black leggings makes one look so thin and let clothing to lay so nice with flat, heels and boots. While Jeans are and can be much more expensive along with maybe having to get altered for those of us short girls.

I do love a pair of skinny jean but boot cut are lovely jean with flats. I just wonder what is coming next in fashion I really don't want to see Skinny Jean or leggings go away because I love these styles in the winter because they go so well with tall boots.

I really would love some feed back from you guys about what you think about Jean versus Leggings!

and Yes I do wear Leggings as Pant...but really what do you think?
Love Kitsune63

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kelly Osbourne talks smack about Kate Middelton's supposed thrifty style.

Say what bitch! Well how about this go F*  your Self Kelly I have no reason to be in the fashion world because I have famous parents. I said it, we are so sorry no prince wants to marry you. If Kate has thrifty style good for her, why Oh because the whole wide world is in recession and since she has married a Prince she might want to be an example unlike your self. WTF, Honestly I have never, never like the idea if Kelly Osbourne being a judge on E’s fashion police, because she pays people to dress her, just because you lost some weight and hired a stylist doesn’t mean you know shit about fashion. I am going to be blunt about it because there are so many of us that love fashion and study it and go to school for it, real fashion and style comes with love not wanting to fit in.  I have always hated Celebrities acting like they love fashion and love the art of it, well they don’t its easy for them to afford all high end amazing brand that the everyday Joe can’t afford that we save and save and love from a far.
I also think Kelly starting a fight with Kate is Jealousy, sorry you didn’t get to marry a Prince and sorry you don’t get to the have the Cinderella moments.Kelly how about you take some design classes instead of picking fights with people with real style...just saying

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding bells for Micheal KORS!!!

Congratulation Micheal!! I love hearing this new this early in the morning!! You cant stop the change from coming and this new that warms my heart after the last few days of sad new in the world. Who is next to get married in NYC, maybe the fabulous Beekman boys?!
 Newly married Michael Kors and his boyfriend of many years, Lance LePere. Kors and Lepere were spotted at NYC's City Hall this Wednesday to receive their marriage license. “Lance and I are very excited to finally be able to have the opportunity to marry in our homestate after many years together,” said Kors. “We have no plans for a major party, but we will be getting married privately.” ( WWD)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Butterfly Sleeves and why I love them...

I don't know what rock I was living under but I just discovered my new love for the end of summer style. And its Butterfly Sleeves, why because they are so light, airy and whimsically adorably! Which is perfect of end of summer when things are starting to cool off, which where I live cant happen soon enough. ( its very hot where I live currently) Though there are many different style of butterfly sleeves though my favorite short and sleeve with more of a fitted top because with the sleeves being so open and airy I feel having a fitted blouse to help create shape so also so its not so 70's vintage style to.  ( which is still love)

Enjoy the weekend my lovely

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rachel Zoe and my lips are making sweet sweet kisses

My dear sweet Rachel Zoe has a new line out and its LIPSTICK! The line is called Exude it is a nine shape line, which is new to hear She is not going nuts trying to create a shape of every shape or tint in the color wheel. (thank god)

But the brilliance to the design or brilliance to Rachel Zoe is the design which is a clear, crystal applicator bullet shakes things up by releasing a single-dot serving of elastic gel color with just a twist of the tube. Just enough color and no over kill of wasting precious lip stick. Though the main point of this design is to ensures that your lipstick won’t wear down into some strange, shapeless mound, and that the surface will stay crisp.SWEET because those of us that tend to wear a lip stick every day this is a huge probably. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

one of my Hero is making a Kids line at Target!!

One of the best things I heard this morning when reading the my normal fashion news....Gwen Stefani is creating a line for kids at one of my favorite place on earth TARGET!

There are prices ($3.99 to $29.99) but no pictures of the collection yet, which will hit stores in November. I know Sad face about no pictures yet because I have 2 good friends that are having little girls soon!!  So good job Gwen!
Cant wait to see HaraJuku Mini!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry for the MIA fox gossip...

Hello everyone sorry if I have been a little MIA this week with post and gossip its been very busy for me in my life. Though its been all good busy, cant lie about that but lets talk about whats new in fashion? heard me I said E-bay, if you have not been invited to their kick bunny tail fashion vault sales you are missing out. Because there are so many sample sale website and some of them are really good like I have to look at the website daily and see whats going down.  I have to be honest Ebay fashion vaults sales are a big threat. You are NOT bidding on used high end fashion from amazing fashion house like Romeo and Couture, BCBG, Calvin Klein, 7 for all mankind jeans and Gucci.  Everything is NEW and you buy it like you were ordering from a normal website. Why is it better then some sample sales website here is the reasons.

* Free shipping no matter what
* longer sales then 2 days ( some are but most are 5 to 7)
* more product- some sample sales website buy right from the buyer or warehouse so if you order the wrong size you out of luck to get right size for same amazing price. I learned that one the hard way when I order jean from Hautelook. ( still love them)

But good work Ebay! good job on way to re-invent your self
Love Kistune63

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July,,,,,maxi dress anyone?

Sorry its been a bit since I posted something here but I have been a bit busy lately but since its a holiday I have to find the time. Between all the BBQ and Fireworks to show off some amazing fashion. Since it is a holiday weekend the retail stores are going nuts with mega sales, which I have been going nuts at...bad fox. Oh well lots of stores of having 50 percent off sales like Gap and Banana republic as well as Sak 5th Ave of Nordstom...

And speaking of Sak 5th Ave will be wearing one of my favorite Maxi dresses in the whole wide world. Since this summer looks to be mega hot I have been going a little over board with dresses and more dresses. 
Well hope every one has a great 4th of July and be sure to thank a solider for all they have done. dispite all the fashion and fun this weekend dont forget them....

Enjoy Kitsune63

Friday, June 24, 2011

Versace is going to have a line at H&M

Yeah I read that this morning and nearly had a heart attack....I know I am going to do whatever it takes to my paws on this line which is said to be released November 17th...hell with black friday that is going to my black Friday.  So mark your calendar ladies and gentlemen. The line is said to represent the Italian heritage of Versace I'm excited! happy friday my loves!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

getting nails myself

So I was bored waiting in the car, and I knew It would be at least 15mins before what I was waiting for would come over to my car. So I had just bought Nicole by OPI nail pen. It really looks like a pen and the cap twist off I was able to keep it safe in my make up bag with out worrying that it would open up and destroy all my make up. And 15 minutes later I had bright red nails and no mess in my car of purse or make up bag!! Amazing. I know I am like on a mission to get more of these little kick ass Nail polish pens and because its still OPI the nail polish is a high quality. I bought this pen at a salon supplier store but I know for fact this Nail polish pen is available at Target...god bless target as always.

Enjoy everyone!
love Kitsune63

Thursday, June 16, 2011 today gone tomorrow..

We all know the recession has hurt many retail and fashion companies such as American Apparel, but the next victim looks like it might be BCBG. Many of the retail stores are failing to make sales for  over a year and a half, as well as falling to pay bill like, water, fire and rent...oh snap! It gets worse!
W magazine released this information from BCBG as well.

"BCBG is experiencing financial trouble severe enough that it hasn't paid some of its bills since February. The company sent a letter to its creditors last week announcing it was "suspending" all payments "pending completion of new financing arrangements," reports Women's Wear Daily. BCBG is struggling to secure a $230 million loan in order to refinance a portion of its debt — otherwise, a $94 million loan will come due on June 16. And this looks bad: "BCBG did not respond to requests for comment. BCBG'S public relations representative sent out an e-mail Thursday saying she had resigned." Maybe because she hadn't been paid since February? Just a guess. Another rumor is that owner / CEO and head designer Max Azria has no idea how bad of money problems his company has, well I hope someone send him a memo.

I guess when they close the stores down Ill be first in line to pick up some dresses for all the wedding Ive got to go too. 

Love Kitsune63!

Guess the Future isn't so bright for BCBG......