Friday, October 28, 2011

Jean gossip

Are some jeans better then other jeans? Yes
Are name brand designer jeans better then non name brand designer jeans? also Yes

So growing up though high school I used to wear Express jeans why because it was cool thing to do and there was no way in hell I was able to afford Abercrombie and Fitch jean ( until I stated working there in college) which I loved for the same reason I think I just fell in love with True Religion Jeans...AF jean were always super soft and comfortable and being the short girl I am all their jean come in short ( there is a god) BUT the only issue I have had with them is that though out the day the jean would stretch ( FYI about AF jean they are 100% cotton and hand made, yeah no joke) and at the end of the day you need a belt. I also have Seven jean for all humankind which also pretty kick bunny tail! BUT they are not as soft as True Religion Jeans as well and they waist is not as thing either which I think is what is causing them not to stretch out like crazy.  Hudson jeans also a close Favorite of mine, soft and the waist does not stretch but here is were True Religion bets Hudson jean..the butt pocket butts if you are getting Husdons with the butt pockets I know my little bum starts to hurt if I am sitting for along time in these Jean because unlike True Religion button they are thick and small at least with the True Religion Jean the button are flatter and bigger which do not cause as much notice to one bum. Sorry if that was too much infor for you...

til next time

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chirstmas shopping has begun!!

I know I know I am starting early but I cant help it, I hate tobe left over budget and rushing like a mad man to around black friday I rather take my time thing about gifts for friend and family. So I have started searching for great gifts for my friends and family. Here is a great gift idea for a girlfriend or family member that love trying new types and brands of makeup and its also the gift that keeps giving.

I found, its like a fruit of the month club makeup. which you can buy up one year or to 3 month or just 1 month to give it a try out and see if you even like it, you decide and each month is different as well. The box is just a nice side but its also a normal site that if you loved a product you got in your box and you order it from the size just so its not a one time deal with getting a product you love. Birchbox also has a reward program for members as well. So you sign up to get the yearly box (  1 box per month) at the end of the year you get a free box. In the box you get 4-5 samples which is hence if you get a product you really like out of the box you can order the full size off the site. Its a great gift for some one that wants to try new product but not waste money one they think they will like at least its a great test drive and a gift.
Love Kistune63

Thursday, October 20, 2011

week 2 of 30 day no chip manicure!

So far so good once again with the real deal, its been 2 weeks since I got this manicure in Chicago. I understand why my Aunt always gets a french with this manicure as you can see from the pictures they are still nice and shinny and no chips but you can see the nail growth, though its not that bad but next time I will rethink color unless I see another color I love which is more then likely going to happen.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The REAL 30 day no chip manicure....

So I know I talked about a no chip manciure before that wasnt a real no chip manicure because on the second day it chipped. I was like WTF so I called my Auntie whom I know only gets no Chip Manicure I started to explain how the did the manicure well it turns out it wasn't a no chip. Because when you are getting a " real no chip manicure" What a real no chip manicure requires special nail polish and each layer base, polish and top coat all must go under a light to activate the chemical for no chipping.  So my Auntie ( whom is amazing) decided to treat me to a No chip Manicure and I got it Friday the 7th and it has survived so far and has no had any issues from work too. They only 2 things that will kind of suck about this manicure are that to get the nail polish and other fun stuff off you have to literally soak your hands in acetone also if you get a color like I did ( dark purple) as time goes on you will see the nail growth from your figures. Also this manicure is more expensive then a normal one but personally its worth it to me. I hate paying for something that only has a day or two, the no chip ( a real no chip) is perfect not wasting money and I dont have to be delicate with my nails.

See so far so good Ill post a pic each week til I take it off.
Enjoy Kitsune63

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sheckys A girls night out....or is it?

HOLA my fashion foxes,
So Sheckys is like a girls night out dream, you go with your girl friends pay 10$ to get in or 30$ to get in and for a goodie bag. Well I normally go to the one in Chicago and have had lots of fun getting free ( yes Free cocktails from the sponsors) And Normally you get the chance to  pay whole sale for great boutiques and jewelry boutiques as well. Which I usually pay because at those t prices are so amazing but this year I am living in St Louis so naturally I was excited to see that they came to this little city. And because I had a great time at the other ones I went to in Chicago....WRONG

So the location was way too small, it was a hot mess in this place My girlfriend and I kept getting bumped in too and worst when we looked at the venders...It was all crap. Solid Crap why because they decided it would be cool to have crappy jewelry that I can order from a stay at home mummy. Example we could buy from Cookie Lee jewelry and Scentsy  ( wtf) If I wanted cheap crappy stuff like this I would have stayed home and the cake topper of all of this was. A vender was really no joke trying to sell FAKE CHANEL FLIP FLOP!!!! I was pissed! and Insulted! My girlfriend had 2 free beers and that was that for us...It honestly was not worth it. IF you live in a bigger city there is hope but not if you live in St Louis.  Also the goodie bag which would have been a redeemer to this crap fest was also another let down, In Chicago I have gotten free books and FULL SIZE bottles of body products and tons of makeup samples that were full size as well. Also every year this event was sponsored by a chocolate company and not this year so NO FULL SIZE bar of CHOCOLATE this to a women is a sin..
So Avoid Avoid....
Love Kitsune63

Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 day manicure? well here we go day 1

So I am sure we all have murdered or chipped a manicure a day after we get the bloody thing? Yes? Well I  have heard amazing things about the 30 day manicure, and typically its not much more then a normal manicure...So this is my day 1 of this baby...wish me luck. So far only one person I know has tried this baby out and its my Auntie. But she is not super hard on her nail like me. I destroy manicures like a bunny eats a carrot. Even better from what I hear and will be testing is this baby comes off with simply nail polish. I hate to say it but 30 days if its true its totally worth the money and doesn't take longer then a normal manicure. So these baby have to deal with my work, working out and a mini vacation....BRING IT ON!

Day 1
Love Kitsune 63