Thursday, June 21, 2012

Color Denim you stole me heart

Sigh its true, after lying to myself about not buying colored denim I did it and I not only did it once I did it twice the girl who hisses at color. I bought color, its nut I know. When investing in colored denim I strongly suggest not buying Joes Jeans or Hudson only because its a trend granted those will be some of the best colored denim money can by. Simple because the quality of these jean is un matched but I purchases a red pair of Calvin klein and blue pair of flying money both pairs under 60$ not super cheap but not super expensive kind of middle of the road. Because I want to wear a trend that will be around for a long time like Leggings and Jeggings god know when winter comes I will be breaking out my winter riding boots and well as vintage combat boots a nod to my husband.

Here is some fashion picture time

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who is the King of the red soul soled shoes?

Well officially is not Christian Louboutin, its Zara! I know its madness its like waking up to Chanel not being the most chicest of all.

So here is the down low of who is suing who over there Red Soled scandal First Christian Louboutin accused Yves Saint Laurent of mimicking the scarlet signature of his famous shoes, then Jessica Simpson was under attack for copy-catting his famous designs before a lawsuit was filed against Zara for the very same thing. Now WWD reports that a French judge ruled in favor of the high street chain, giving it the green light to sell their red-soled shoes. I was really shocked that Zara won, but I am not surprised but the sue craziness  that followed. Though alot of people are still going to think and believe that Christian Louboutin is and was the first to paint the soles of his shoes red