Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011...I love these dresses.

                                                            Halle Berry in  Macheas dress

                                           Anne Hathaway in Givenchy Couture Grecian frock, no doubt Rachel Zoe had   her hand in this one
                                 Michelle William in Chanel..simple classical and chic, love it

Enjoy the fashion update from teh Oscars hope your fave actress or actor won...mine did

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Move over Ebay..Etsy is the way to go if you love Vintage and handmade

Its true, if you have not heard of Etsy. You need to read this post to save your life, because Etsy is a great website its like Ebay in the sense you can have your own store and run it way you want to and style it the way you want it styled. Which why yes I do have one myself. My store is called Kitsune63 of course where I sell scarfs and other little cute things I have made. I have made several purchases on Esty with difference designers and stores.  And let me say some of the store really go all out I mean hand made Jewelry, Handbags, clothings made to order. Also the website offers help to make your store be all you can be, so I am a big supporter of Etsy. Its giving fashion and designing back to the new guy on the field, I strongly suggest you give it a look. Because its like Ebay in the sense you are looking for something you would never expect to find well your going to find on this site.
here is the site, trust me give it a will thank me later
 Also here is my store..of course I have to do a bit of shameful self promoting

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everyday Icon...Michelle Obama!!

I just got this book in the mail and I had to just had to talk about Michelle Obama, she is our generation Jackie O....She is chic and classic and in my eyes an amazing role model for young girls and women. Yes she is married to our amazing president but she is no back seat wife. She has done many things to help women in America. One of my favorite, helping create healthy food in the lunch room in public schools. I know not of lot of fashion talk let me start.

Michelle Obama is know for wearing affordable fashion Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, and H&M along with making Jason Wu a everyday house hold name when she wore a Ivory Chiffon inaugural gown to the Smithsonian National Museum. 

Enjoy I know President day was earlier this week so I am a bit late but better late then never....also Michelle Obama is starting a campaign for military families and helping them

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Perk about having a magazine subscriptions...

Other then saving tons of money, the cover for people whom subscribe to Hapers Bazaar is different then from the cover that is on news stand. 
Here is the Cover that came to my door yesterday..... know that is cool. new stand cover is of Kim Kardashion....
enjoy Kitsune63

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More TOPSHOP opening in the USA! Say what?!

Yeah that's right gangsta, more Top shops are coming state side! So first Chicago store will be open this Autumn I know I cant poor credit card will hate me for this one. But I cant lie I am super excited about this because Chicago will be getting the Flagship store not the next store opening...Go Chicago Go! See we are a big fashion city!
But the next new store to being! The L.A store will be coming soon, but there have been no announcements or details have been released. 

Enjoy the new, and take a look at Topshop! and prepare to die a little because its that amazing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Animals + Accessories = cute

Yes! I have some pictures of cute animals wearing accessories, Its Monday and presidents day as well so enjoy the cute spring collection of BCBG Accessories...I know I do
Dear PETA no animals where hunt but I am sure they got mad love from the models on set

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leggings as can be done and hot at that.

Yes I do wear my leggings as pants, why because its amazing. Leggings can be worn as pants I think people should give it a try and be confident in their self and style. Right now I am in love with lace leggings because they create a chic pattern and style. ( I am wearing a pair right now.) Two big trends in one, lace and leggings had a baby and their baby is amazing.

There are so many ways to wear leggings, I am not even going to try and tell people what tops to wear with them because I wear any top with them. Tunic, Dresses, and even a T shirt is fabulous with leggings and high heels.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and does some fab shopping on president weekend

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring the Jill Stuart way....its a good way to go

I know more spring collection fashion gossip but isn't that what spring is about, and when March gets here I am going to go bananas on the BIG Vogue Fashion Bible that is coming my way. Jill Stuart is a big deal in New York because her style of design is very business chic and classy. I enjoyed looking at her spring line because it was different from her typical chic style. Jill Stuart‘s fashion show was dominated by long silhouettes and darker hues of orange, navy and forest green. “Complete with pleated skirts, oversize scarves, Yes scarfs are not going away anytime soon! along with fur jackets, the collection takes a playful turn with fun prints and asymmetrical color blocking,”  show notes said…Getting away from last season’s romance with ivory,  It was still lovely and chic, but different and it was a different I loved and I am sure many other fashion blogger and editors love as well.

Enjoy the pictures its pretty hot...
Kitsune 63

Jill Stuart is the lovely lady in Black while and the women in the white dress ( of course its Jill Stuart) Bethany from Bravo tv show. ( i love her too)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good news and bad news....

Ill give you the bad news, cause the good new might over shadow the bad. So rumor has it since the cost of living is going to be going up, little things like milk, flour and cotton. Yeah cotton so you know what that one means to us. Food and other simple necessary items like cloths like basic Tee shirts, socks, cami and tank tops will be going up in price if they are cotton. I hope I am wrong but the good new should make this seem like nothing at all.
Like everyone else I love Target, love Target. Which here is the good news, Target is known for the GO International line with International designers well mark your calendars for MARCH 13th!  Designers like Zac Posen, Tucker, Temperley london, and one of my faves Richard Chai....
I hope this brightens up your day cause even if the price of cotton goes up Target is here to save the day once again....Also random but I just have to share it, I went to Target the other day and bought a 26 x 36 mirror for $10 normally $50...I love Target so much.
Enjoy Kitsune63

Yes even the Late Great Alexander McQueen had a line at target before his passing...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring and summer means weddings season....

Its true, I was married in the summer and we had our wedding reception a year later in the summer. So in honor of this wedding season on its way, I wanted to show some of Vera Wang wedding collection. I actually love Vera Wang and of course who doesn't her bridal dresses are super romantic with very soft fabrics. Romantic styling perfect for a dream wedding.
Enjoy some lovely Bridal and idea if your planning your wedding.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good handbag lovers

Guess who is opening a flag ship store in the US......
Mulberry!! I know its exciting, which was also what made Mulberry so amazing because it was UK only, and of course  the flag ship store will be opening in the New York of course. I personally cant think of a better place for the flag ship store to open. 1 that is where everyone opens up their flag ship stores 2 Mulberry is very New York style, clean, chic and classy.
....also Mulberry did a line at Target, which made me super happy til I saw the line and was holding it in my hand. It looked super cheap, and almost plastic. I hope that Mulberry will do another line for target but a line that is more of the Mulberry quality. Which is something they are know for, good quality leather, and materials. Like if I purchase a Mulberry handbag and take good minor care of it. I would be able to will this handbag to my niece. Enjoy the Mulberry candy

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Spring Fashion!!!

Yeah, I was going to blog about what who was wearing at the Grammy but I saw Marc Jacobs Spring collection. So I had to blog about his collection instead of the Grammy and I know there are amazing stylist like the great Rachel Zoe whom work their tails off for the award season. But I love Marc Jacobs so much and seeing his collection just made me have to talk about it  or show pictures about it, in case I am a loss for words for his beauty.

Marc Jacobs Spring collection is like a soft 70's dream, lots of soft spring colors and dark lovely make up...Just look at the amazing work..yeah lost for words...cause I love it

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Favorite Designer of mine… he’s cute too

Christian Siriano!!!

Yes He won project runway, and he is keeping up with it and working his tail off. I loved, loved his spring collection for 2011. I loved all of his collection because they were so fun and light, airy. Also watching him on the show and his special on bravo was amazing. I also follow him on twitter like a million other fashion lovers. And I was DRYING! Another reason why I love him, he has a great sense of humor. A young fresh designer that is fear less, he twitted that one of his model fell while walking the runway, and he wasn’t mad or about he was making jokes that it wasn’t really her fault it was the runways..

Mr Siriano is also working on a payless line which I will be all over that like a bunny on a carrot, because I do not have million to spend on fashion. ( I also LOVE his shoes) This is another reason I love him because if you make fashion affordable to more people a designer will have more fan and they will support him and want to buy his designs.  I am not sure what the other winners of Project Runway are doing, but I think Christian Siriano is in it to win it; the moment he won he had a party but then went right to work taking the chance of a life time and making the most of it.

But here is the pictures of his spring collection 2011…Enjoy because I know I was in love with it.

Kitsune 63


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lace and more Lace,

Yes this trend is not really a new trend but really at the end of the day is any trend new? The only thing new about a trend is that designers are being cleaver and trying to create new fab way to wear it. I know this year Lace is coming back or I have to ask did it really leave. Yesterday a couple of my co-workers were wearing lace tops, and of course I am talking about doing lace right. Which mean wearing it with tank tops underneath or if wearing a lace skirt wearing a slip underneath is it.
There are many different types of lace, and various methods for producing it. There is  long and short of it is this: it's now less about the stretch and fit, allover lace, and more about antique-style lace, which is my favorite style of lace because its such a classy look and makes any simple out fit look chic and stylish. A lot of fashion designers typically, go for a wider net, a more unique pattern, a sturdier fabric because you want your lace to be strong and can handle movement and this way it wont tear rather than a thin stretch lace which is more likely to tear and not keep its stretch which will look saggy.
Enjoy everyone, since spring is coming lace is going to be more fun to wear and this way we wont freeze our tails off out there, if you live in a state that has winter too. 

Lace tights are my favorite...totally going to be buying some of these lovely tights, for real a great way to make a simple dress chic and sexy with out looking trashing or loosing the chic of the dress.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For the single ladies on V-day

So as I promised here is some fun V-day stuff to do with friends, because its not another its another day to have some fun and be with people you love even if its not some one romantically.  I know some stores like Hot mama and BCBG are stores that you can plan a party at their store. It’s a shopping party but its something that is super fun wit the other single lady friends. At Hot mama I know for fact you can plan your party and even donate some of your purchase to a charity also they store will supplies you with some party snacks, if you want booze you will have to purchase that on you own.  I also have found that fondue is fun with several girl friend and being girls we of course would have to have chocolate fondue. One of my very dear girl friends loves to bake so we have been know to watch movies and bake lots and lots chocolate cookies and truffles.  I know the Peninsula hotel in Chicago has a chocolate buffet and afternoon fashion show and in the afternoon you can go with your girlfriend for tradional afternoon tea time…its super luxury at its finest.  I actually went to the chocolate buffet with at least 20 girlfriends for a birthday party and it was amazing, oh FYI it’s a five star hotel…so every thing is amazing and beautiful in every way. SO of course the food has been created by amazing chefs as well.  And of course if all of the girls are busy with men, go have some me time. Because we all know some time V-day can make us a bit depressed so a little treat to our selves will get that self esteem will go right back up again.
Enjoy single ladies