Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Target and Phillip Lim line....

Hello Everyone,
I am sure my die hard Target fans and fashion loves were out early on Sunday because that is when Target premiered their collaboration with Phillip Lim. I sadly didn't wake up in time for the stores to open because I like to sleep and I keep under estimate that people wait in line for these events at target. A good friend of mine she some how does it and can wake up early and wait in line. ( this isn't the first time shes done it too) I think part of me doesn't want to get up early on my days off and waiting in line it kind of reminds me of black Friday. Later in the morning I order a bag online so I will see how it looks when it gets here because my Target here in Texas sold out with in 30 minutes. Though there were plenty of clothes and the quality was pretty good nothing crazy but it wasn't too over priced for a higher end line. I was looking on ebay and just did a little search and people are selling the Target Phillip Lim bag for two hundred dollars!? WTF and people are crazy enough to pay for it. I am sorry these bags are not even leather!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hounds tooth in 2008 now its Chevron time!

Hello everyone,
So a few years ago the hot new pattern even though it really wasn't that new was the Hounds tooth pattern since it had been around for a very long time. I had things that were hounds tooth but nothing big like dresses or shirt. I know I have a pair of slacks that I wear in the office that are a hounds tooth pattern but I never went too nuts with it because its a really busy pattern to be fair. I love simple and less is really more in my book. Which is why I love the Chevron pattern, yes it can be really busy like a Hounds tooth as well but I went with 3 dress option that were less busy. ( yeah I kind of went nuts) Ever since my husband and I have moved to Texas I have been living in maxi dresses and just dresses in general because its hot as jack rabbit trying to find shade in the dessert here.

OH PS I know I blogged about Warby Parker glasses I got, and this places just gets better and better. SO of course my glasses got scratched and I went to the site to see if there is anything per chance that might be warranted. well guess what??? Their lens are guaranteed for a year!! yeah super cool, So I sent them an email so we shall see what happens. Ill keep you posted because in book customer services is huge for me because I have worked in the field for years and I am currently working in the field.
Have a good weekend loves