Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hounds tooth in 2008 now its Chevron time!

Hello everyone,
So a few years ago the hot new pattern even though it really wasn't that new was the Hounds tooth pattern since it had been around for a very long time. I had things that were hounds tooth but nothing big like dresses or shirt. I know I have a pair of slacks that I wear in the office that are a hounds tooth pattern but I never went too nuts with it because its a really busy pattern to be fair. I love simple and less is really more in my book. Which is why I love the Chevron pattern, yes it can be really busy like a Hounds tooth as well but I went with 3 dress option that were less busy. ( yeah I kind of went nuts) Ever since my husband and I have moved to Texas I have been living in maxi dresses and just dresses in general because its hot as jack rabbit trying to find shade in the dessert here.

OH PS I know I blogged about Warby Parker glasses I got, and this places just gets better and better. SO of course my glasses got scratched and I went to the site to see if there is anything per chance that might be warranted. well guess what??? Their lens are guaranteed for a year!! yeah super cool, So I sent them an email so we shall see what happens. Ill keep you posted because in book customer services is huge for me because I have worked in the field for years and I am currently working in the field.
Have a good weekend loves

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