Saturday, October 26, 2013

New trend for Fall, Leather is no longer a one trick pony

Hello Everyone,
SO I have been doing my normal store runs and I looking and whats new a trendy for fall its Leather everything. Yes you have heard me right on this, which is nice because having the staple Leather coat or boots is not really fair for such a great fabric or even Faux Leather for the animal cruel free people or those whom just cant bring them self's to spend a crazy amount on one garment. ( which I do not blame them and agree with them) Anyway I was looking at dresses and I love the Little Black Dress but with Leather accent it really brings new life in this closet must for all of us. Also since we all know I am that girl that proudly wears leggings as pants there are Leather leggings...yes I am in love with them and NEED them asap. Just look at all these great styles and concepts with Leather and Faux Leather.

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