Monday, August 19, 2013

Is buying something from Groupon or livingsocial really the best deal?

So I know everyone is still looking to save a buck here and there, and still look good while doing it. People don't realize that Groupon and other sites like living are fairly new, when I was in college I would have killed for these company to have existed because we were broke college students. Though now that they do exist are they really that great of a deal. While I have used both site Groupon and living for good and clothes that was on sale. It mostly depends on the vender not these site does one have better customer service then the other, yes.  Never had an issue yet with Groupon, while 2 venders on living social. com have been less that great experience sadly. I am dealing with one the living social. com bad vender now. I order a dress in the begging of July its a Chevon styled dress ( god know everyone needs something Chevon.) I am still waiting for it to come, and emailed the vender asking for shipping details and never got any, lucky Living social is super awesome, and got the information I need still waiting but at least I know whats going on.

Love Kitsune63

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